The amazing tattoo that reminds Emilia Clarke and Sophie Turner of Game of Thrones 4 years after the finale

There is no doubt that when compiling a list of the most relevant series of the past decade, game of thrones It would rank in one of the highest positions. With a count of eight seasons, the HBO production that tells how Nine royal families fight mercilessly for control of the land of Westeros He won the hearts of thousands of viewers around the world.

but, The show is based on the books by author George RR Martin Not only has it defined the before and after in the way fiction is seen and created, but it has also changed the lives of many artists who have been a part of history. It was two of them Emilia Clarke and Sophie Turnerfrom today They have tattoos inspired by the series in which they immortalized the amazing experience of starring in it.

Sophie Turner – Currently Sophie Jonas After marrying Joe Jonas, one of the band members with the same last name, she is a 27-year-old actress born in the United Kingdom. He made his film and television debut as the character Sansa Stark, the older sister of the Stark familyone of the nine royal families that form part of the plot game of thrones.

Game of Thrones was one of the most successful series of the last decadeCourtesy Entertainment Weekly – Archive

Thanks to this role, the British actress not only met who is now her husband – they were introduced to each other by a mutual friend – but also It opened doors for him to be a part of other mega productions like Dark Phoenix And X-Men: Apocalypse And Netflix hits like Take revenge.

That is why, for her, the series means more than just a job. As a tribute, Turner had not one, but two tattoos in her honor. The first consists of The date they called to confirm she would get the role, which she shares with Maisie Williamswho played her sister in fiction and is her great friend in real life.

Sophie Turner has tattooed a coat of arms that represents the Starks, her family in fiction

Likewise, shortly before the premiere of the final season, The dolphin wolf – the stark’s house blue – was placed on his forearm with the words “pack alive”. In the case of this second piece, it generated significant controversy among fans of the series, with many interpreting it as a potential spoiler for what will happen in the finale.

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“While I was getting tattoos, people advised me not to because it seemed like I was all revealing, but it’s not. It’s just a quote from last season. But everyone thinks we really survived…” Sophie commented, at the time. He explained: “It’s just a slogan that I love.”

Emilia Clarke got a tattoo in honor of her ‘Mother of Dragons’ character

In case Emilia Clarke, the story is presented in the same way. Although she started acting at a very young age, it was her first big role Daenerys Targaryens in game of thronesWhich made her famous and allowed her to take part in many films, as well as win many awards.

To carry with you always In her role as “mother of dragons”, two years ago, she painted on her wrist the silhouette of a flying dragon followed by her two cubs. “It’s kind of an eternity,” he explained, before revealing it to the audience.


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