The alleged lover of Vladimir Putin has reappeared in Moscow after a rumor that he was hiding in Switzerland.

Olympic Medalist Alina Kabaevawho has been identified as the alleged lover of the Russian president, Russian President Vladimir Putin, again appeared at the youth rhythmic gymnastics event in Moscow. The truth comes after the intelligence rumors that she said were hidden In a private chalet in Switzerland or in a nuclear bunker SiberiaAnd Because of Invade Russia a Ukraine.

The 38-year-old former athlete was seen in public at a rehearsal that took place at the VTB Arena in Moscow, ahead of a charity event scheduled for Saturday, April 23, known as Allen Festival. Photos published by the press drew attention to Kabaeva’s appearance and sparked speculation that she used the same plastic surgeon as the Kremlin leader.

The magazine claimed that “something really changed in Kabaeva’s face”. my world From Russia, which suggests that the legendary player has donned Botox and “filled in” her face. Gymnast It rarely appears in public Neither on social networks, nor can it be seen by chance on the street or in shopping centers,” they emphasized.

Meanwhile, the channel cable Tulku Nekomo confirmed the way Putin’s alleged mistress was dressed, which according to some accounts She will be the mother of four of her children. “A rare new look. This time she was wearing a casual outfit, and she was seen again Wedding ring“, public.

Activists call for the expulsion of Alina Kabaeva, the alleged girlfriend of Vladimir Putin, from Switzerland

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Rumors about the “alleged wife” of Vladimir Putin

Kabaeva was first romantically linked to the Russian head of state in 2008, when she was a deputy. As indicated by the English media daily MailThe newspaper that published the news It closed quickly.

Putin, who divorced his wife in 2013 Lyudmilaa former flight attendant, expressed during the ad: “I have a private life in it I do not allow interference. You have to respect him.”

    Alina Kabaeva 20220309

The former gymnast was one of the most decorated Russian athletes during her professional career, winning a bronze medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympics and a gold medal at Athens 2004, as well as two world titles. After announcing her retirement, she took a step into politics in her country and became a lawmaker in united russia. In 2014, she was elected to lead the board of directors National Media Group (NMG).

In recent months, rumors began that Kabaeva and her alleged family with Putin were sent to a private chalet in Switzerland or to one of the high-level bunkers in the Urals, the Arctic or Siberia.

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