The adorable reaction of an 80-year-old grandfather upon receiving tickets from Dua Lipa for his birthday

What better birthday present than your biggest idol concert tickets? Now more than ever, after more than a year with the entertainment sector almost completely shut down in dozens of countries around the world, going to a concert is one of the best plans to enjoy your favorite artists live.

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If the concert is from Dua Lipa, one of the greatest exponents of pop music today, then entertainment and fun are completely guaranteed. his album nostalgia for the future It reached number one in the UK just two weeks after its launch and broke all Spotify records.


Dua Lipa is one of the artists of the moment


The 26-year-old has become one of the most beloved artists in the world, to the point of stirring emotions even among the elderly. Such was the case with Richard L. Waldorf, the self-proclaimed grandfather of an absolute fan of the singer.

So much so that his family wanted to give him some tickets to the singer’s 80-year concert. An absolutely unexpected surprise made him especially excited, as thousands of people were touched by his excited reaction: “Are you cheating on me?” or “Are they real?”

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Happy birthday my grandfather! dualipaofficial your biggest fan!! ## rims ##Christmas ## fyp ## a surprise ## Grandpa ## OneSliceChallenge ## StudentSectionSauce

♬ DON’T START NOW – Dua Lipa

In just three days, the video went viral and has already reached over 6.1 million views. There are so many people who have posted it all over the world that the video was reached by Dua Lipa herself and she shared it through her Instagram account.

The reaction of the old man when he found out that his idol had shared the video on social networks moved him even more: “The best thing that ever happened,” said the old man who has been following the artist’s career ever since. its origins

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Update!!! dualipaofficial a serious post on Instagram!! ## OneSliceChallenge ## fyp ##is yours ## foryoupage ## Grandpa ##Christmas ## a surprise ## 80th birthday

♬ Original sound – Kadie Bernstein

The users are clear: Dua Lipa has to give VIP Backstage passes to this man who has been supporting her for many years and has impressed in front of millions of people around the world. However, it is not yet known if the singer responded to user requests for VIP passes for Richard.

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