The actress is back in the music with a revolutionary pink look

On Thursday last week, their relationship was already discussed months ago Zendaya And Louis Vuittonas she officially became an ambassador for the iconic French fashion brand, and launched her first campaign to promote the iconic bag. nightmares With a great design Lou Roach.

But it was Saturday April 22ndwhen ZendayaEveryone was surprised when he appeared on stage with labrinth in coachella, He made his triumphant return to music yet 7 years From absence, where he combined his love for the sector with his passion for fashion.

Zendaya brings a fresh twist to the barbiecore look

Well they say the second weekend of Coachellais always the best, with endless surprises, labrinth You won’t be left behind, because when you first compose “I’m tired,” Zendaya He appeared on stage to participate with the musician Who United kingdom.

at the moment, Zendaya lives in United kingdom with her lover Tom Holland But that didn’t stop the famous actress from traveling to a desert Colorado To the surprise of his fans who have been waiting 7 years for his return to music.

As a whole Barbie, an actress trance She appeared on stage in a short dress with a pink corset, with a flared skirt with ruffles and ribbons framing her figure with delicate bows, mixing sweet with fresh, gathering clothes With a white short-sleeved T-shirt and black boots like a rock star.

In turn, the actress did not hesitate for a second to thank the audience for the good reception, so she wrote on social networks: “I cannot express how grateful I am for this magical night. Thanks to my brother Labrinth for inviting me and giving me the most beautiful and safe space to return to the stage. I also cannot thank the audience enough for the love they gave me, they made my nerves go away,” he added. Zendaya expressed it during her performance at Coachella.

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Why did Zendaya quit music?

Let’s remember that it was done by calculating Twitter, from the former star DisneyMay has stated his reasons for leaving music, commenting “I moved away from music a long time ago, for a number of reasons, but I still love it, so the kindness and support I’ve received over the past few days just for dipping a little toe into some music means the absolute world to me… Thank you.”

next to, Zendayahe hopes to keep a more private profile, and focus only on acting, letting go, Special offers in tranceAnd Spider Man And Dune.

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