The acceleration of the arrival of foreigners by air, led by the United States

Between January and November, Mexico received 12 million 170,513 foreign visitors by air, a figure that is 28.8% lower than during the same period in 2019, as those coming from the United States showed better recovery and are already in less than 5% of returnees to Pre-Covid-19 levels.

In the top 10 countries that export this segment of travelers, which generate 83% of the total tourism currency, only Venezuela showed growth (66.9%), a situation that has not been ignored by the Mexican immigration authorities and they are in the process of re-applying for visas to people Coming from this country because not all of them came for tourism or business purposes.

Based on statistics of foreign arrivals to Mexico by air, from the Department of the Interior, in the eleven cumulative months, 74 out of every 100 visitors have taken off from an airport in the United States, totaling eight million,989,707.

Colombia came in second, because Canada closed its air borders for several months for reasons of health prevention and went to third place, with a decline of 83.9% compared to two years earlier.

In the indicated period, 390,571 Colombians arrived, 27.9% less than the previous two years. However, only in November, Canada returned to its historical position after the United States.

In the first eleven months of the year, Brazil, Spain and Venezuela ranked fourth, fifth and sixth, with 285,592, 191,721 and 160,379 passengers, respectively, which translated into declines compared to 2019 of 19.9 and 46.8%, in both first countries. In the third country, the aforementioned increase was recorded by 66.9 percent.

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