The 11 titles of Jesus Mendes: the worst DT of his career, who “made him want to play football”

1- Jorge Brun: Gordo phenomenon! For me it’s always good to see him, fortunately we met recently at the Giant. A great professional and an even better person.”

2- Carlos Bianchi: “The best DT who has guided me throughout my career. Carlos was like a father to me, always talking to me and taking care of the person, as well as the footballer. The coach and mentor is Carlos Bianchi.”

3- Nicolas Tagliafico: “A very disciplined footballer and a very modest kid. “Taglia” with Toledo arrived at Independiente together, the two came from the starting flankers of Banfield, at first it was difficult for him to adapt to such a great player as “red”. Honestly, I was surprised at the very high level he has reached. He is an excellent person, and it made me happy to see him lift the World Cup in Qatar, he deserves it for the enormous sacrifices and efforts he made since the first day he decided to be a professional footballer.”

4 – Gabriel Milito: “I didn’t do well with him because I decided to go to Toluca. He got so angry with me, he never understood or accepted that I needed to leave because my brother had died and a change of scenery was necessary at the age of 31. In addition, he had already warned that in The starter had me not in his plans, but since no reinforcements had arrived, he began to take me into consideration.Besides this anger, which ended up being mutual, I consider him to be a great coach, very professional and with intense and interesting training sessions. Everything that happened to me with him Milito was a great learning experience that helped me in my career and also in my life.”

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5- Miguel Russo: “Miguel is awesome! DT who is in all the details, took great care of me at a difficult time in my life. As all his players know, he knew the ugly situation he was in, so he talked to me a lot, was over me daily and repeated to me: “Jesusitoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo… Calm down! It makes me so happy he’s taking Central out again. He’ll always do well because he’s a great guy, he loves Football and he loves the club very much.”

6. Gabriel Heinze “The worst DT I’ve ever had in my career. I had a really bad time with Heinze and he made me want to play football. Day after day he was very difficult and he said things to me that I had never experienced before in football. With respect because I’m very cultured, I’ve had thousands of encounters with him. And although I had a year and a half left on my contract I made the decision to end it because I no longer wanted to go to training, it was not at all pleasant to go and meet him in practice.Many of my team mates at Vélez didn’t like some of Heinze’s attitudes either, but they just kept quiet Because they were afraid of him. He’s very arrogant and in football you have to be humble and not forget your origins. What happened to me with Heinz, today I consider it an ugly memory. That’s it, it’s over and I’m very quiet at home, I live in the countryside, 60 kilometers away From Mendoza City, away from Quilombo and enjoying my family.”

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7- Manuel Pellegrini: “The great DT… his extraordinary career shows it. Manuel gets close to the player, gives him confidence, makes very good combinations, whoever plays and who doesn’t please him. He was very young and Pellegrini’s output was great and unforgettable. He was the coach who brought me to train with River’s first team, he took me bit by bit. He didn’t speak in that locker room full of characters, out of respect he asked permission for everything and everyone (laughs). I have the fondest memories of Manuel and that millionaire squad.”

8- Juan Antonio Pizzi: “With Juan we never fought. A lot of things were said about our relationship that weren’t true. What happened a week before the main game against Patronato was because my daughter was sick, not because I was messy, slept, half an hour late for training and Juan decided Doesn’t he start me off. Also, it’s not for me to fight, I’m very calm and on top of that when I entered the locker room I saw a very big Juan, with a vile face and his arms crossed (laughs), the only thing that came out was for me to tell him the whole truth. He listened to me, believed me “But he decided to play another teammate and put me out. It was the right thing to do and I banked. Pizzi put together a great squad, it’s a pity and an injustice that we didn’t measure up, we were a great team.”

9. Martin Palermo “Terrible scorer! It was an honor to play for Boca with Palermo. I loved the gesture Martin got with Platense’s baby, Alexis Sabella, after he posted his problem on the networks. He gave him his backing and support at a very ugly moment in his career. This gesture shows you what kind of person Palermo is.

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10- Juan Roman Riquelme: “Best of all… I’ve never seen anything like him! I’ve played with many extraordinary ten, but Roman above all, what he played was insane, it was great. He values ​​me so much, he’s so aware of my life, when I least expect it on Least, he calls me or writes me a letter asking how I am. One of the most beautiful things that football gave me was Roman’s noble and loyal friendship.

11- Jorge Almiron: “The DT who is trained to lead any big team. Jorge asked me and for him I played at Independiente. I learned a lot with Almiron, he funded me when my brother died. I had to go to Mendoza, I didn’t train for three weeks, but when I came back he threw me on the pitch, I was A beginner player and he gave me all his support. His confidence helped me a lot to come out of that terrible moment and keep playing at a good level. Because of his way of being and his way of coaching, he knew that at some point he would manage Boca. I wish him well in this time as DT of a big club Very like Boca.”

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