The 10 most viewed movies and series on Netflix in Argentina

The Twilight Saga: New Moon, one of the most watched movies on Netflix.

Netflix It updates its catalog every week and users in Argentina make their selections so you can see the 10 most viewed movies and series on the platform today.

This provides an interesting guide for choosing what to watch.

10. The Twilight Saga: A New Moon

Starring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, this movie was popular in 2009, the year it was released. Meanwhile, it is the second of the Twilight saga.

The story revolves around Edward Cullen ending his relationship with Bella Swan with the intention of keeping her out of the vampire world. But Bella starts dating Jacob Black and interacting with werewolves.

9. Jenny and Georgia

It is the chain of youth that you break Netflix. The plot revolves around Jenny and her mother, Georgia, who move out of town to start from scratch. However, Georgia’s secrets are causing trouble.

8. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part Two

This is the second episode of the fourth movie. In this, the Cullens meet another clan of vampires to protect Renesmee.

7. Fireflies dance

It is a series based on the anthropomorphic novel by Kristen Hana that explores the friendship between two completely different women. Starring Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalk.

6. 100 days to fall in love

A new edition of the Sebastian Ortega series, known in Argentina as “100 Days to Fall in Love”. The plot revolves around a married couple approaching their 18th wedding anniversary and deciding to spend some time trying to rebuild the relationship.

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5- Tribes of Europe

The 10 most viewed movies and series on Netflix in Argentina

Tribes of Europa, one of the most watched series on Netflix Argentina.

It is an original series from Netflix A post-apocalyptic event set in 2074 tells the story of three siblings from a peaceful tribe who must separate to fight for the future of a new Europe.

4. Captains

Another not-so-wasted series is “Capitane,” where Police Inspector Luc investigates the death of a teenage girl in a town in Luxembourg.

3 Don’t worry, I take care of you

Plot movie out of the ordinary. It is about a woman who runs Asil but takes advantage of her role to steal all of her assets from the adults in the establishment. However, a “different” client will make you regret everything.

2. Behind your eyes

Behind His Eyes is a thriller about a filmmaker who becomes obsessed with a younger screenwriter.

1. New Amsterdam

The 10 most viewed movies and series on Netflix in Argentina

New Amsterdam, one of the most watched series on Netflix.

This TV series is the most watched in Netflix Today. It is a drama that takes place in a public hospital located in the United States.

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