Tevez and Ronald Reagan and the King of Support

Lower class lazy. The idea of ​​exposing the poor “little industrious” has existed since the dawn of the system. The stereotype of a lazy class unwilling to work and withdrawing benefits is used to undermine welfare state policies. The idea is widespread that poverty is not the result of social injustice, but the result of personal failure. Chief among these is the veneration of the term poverty in the most “acceptable” of postmodernism: homelessness. We know very well that the power of some thoughts has nothing to do with the truth they contain.

The ‘luxury queen’ – welfare queens – was baptized in the Reagan/Thatcher binomial time by the Anglo-Saxon media for women who were too lazy to work and devoted themselves to cheating the system and accumulating government benefits. One of them was Linda Taylor, famous throughout the United States. Ronald Reagan defined it as “a cancer that eats our organs.” Driven by conservative media, Linda walked on televisions detailing her own fraud strategies. The character was used by the former president to demonize social assistance in a class, racist and sexist cocktail that was very effective in supporting neoliberal constructions. Like the state takes taxes from honest workers to support a group of undesirables.

There are a lot of things that are not understood. One gets lost between so much good and bad. These days Carlos Tevez is the king of energy support. The Ministry of Economy highlighted the list of businessmen and celebrities in the field of entertainment and sports, despite the presence of rich millionaires, they retained subsidies so as not to pay high energy consumption.. Those aggregate fortunes are for individuals of high morals, too. Curious “celebs” who don’t blush to fatten public spending. The list is exciting and cross-sectional: Carlos Tevez: $2,933,000; Blaquier family: $1,600,000; Juan Carlos and Sebastian Pago, owners of Pago Labs: $1,000,000, Hilda “Chechi” Gonzalez: $474,008; Araceli Gonzalez: $335,124; Eduardo Constantini: $289,743; Julio Comparada (former president of Independiente): $233,747; Marcela Tenner: $187,313; David Nalbandian: $74,369; Mertha Legrand: $89,608; Francisco Macri, son of Mauricio Macri: $60,830; Carlos Fernando Rosencrantz: $48,256; Fabian Cupero: $25467. Some on the list still ask why they have to pay taxes. Tevez filed a lawsuit to absolve him from paying the solidarity contribution to large fortunes. Dealing with the difficult moments of the epidemic is “expropriating”, and getting drunk from the defeated “boob” from the state to cover energy needs is satisfying. If there was an iota of truth in the theory of sprawl: the strange notion that enriching those at the top benefits everyone.

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Federal Tax Enforcement Court No. 4 agreed with AFIP and ordered the ex-footballer to pay 42,361,511 pesosfor the tax debt corresponding to the personal property tax corresponding to the fiscal period 2020. Society is more than the sum of its members, and the public interest is more than private interests.

No medicine can cure the origin of class, not even money that might come later, or acquired social standing. It’s a wound you’re defending yourself from, and even before you take your children’s nails off them, you’re pulling the nails of animals from underneath,” wrote Rafael Cherpis. Tevez will know what he’s talking about.

Former Velez player, World Champion Tokyo 1979.

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