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Comcast reports Thursday Fourth fiscal quarter The results of analysts’ estimates surpassed the ascending and descending lines.

Comcast also reported record net customer growth in the last quarter for its high-speed internet service, and its new broadcast service, Moore, has an additional 11 million subscribers.

The stock closed higher than 6.5%.

The main numbers are:

  • Earnings per share: Analysts Thought Survey Adjusted 56 cents to 48 cents
  • Profits: At 27.71 billion versus 26.78 billion expected through refinancing
  • High Speed ​​Internet Users: A net increase of 538,000 is expected versus 490,000 in a fact-based survey

The company said Moore now has 33 million subscriptions in the US, up from 22 million in the previous quarter. The company said earlier this week that it had announced that it had signed a special agreement with the WWE Network to promote wrestling matches in the United States, with the recent launch of “Office” on the platform. It takes more than luck to be successful in joining. Deal.

Comcast also increased its quarterly earnings from 23 cents to 25 cents a share. The company’s CEO, Brian Roberts, said in a earnings report that the company expects to resume share purchases in 2021.

Yesterday, the company published its best results for the fourth quarter with total customer relationships recorded with 455,000 subscribers and 33.1 million subscribers. It included 538,000 high-speed internet users.

Comcast said its Europe-based Sky division continued to grow its subscriber base from 244,000 subscribers to 23.9 million in the fourth quarter. The company said it raised Sky’s customer relationships and total revenue in Europe to pre-2019 levels.

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The amusement park section of Comcast, plagued by epidemics, is plagued by epidemics and lack of capacity. Theme park revenue decreased 63% to $ 57.579 million. The company said adjusted EBITDA represents a loss of $ 15 million, including costs for Universal Beijing, which has yet to be opened.

“Without these costs, a better share of the parks in Orlando and Osaka, even after the closure of Hollywood, came to the parks,” the company said.

The filmed entertainment section has also been affected by the epidemics that have limited the work of theaters and stopped the production of some films. The sector’s revenues fell 8.3 percent to $ 4.1 billion. The company says a portion of the revenue comes from licensing revenue. Adjusted EBITDA is expected to grow by more than 65% to 151 million, “reflecting lower revenue compared to lower operating costs, which is due to fewer launches in the first year, and less advertising, marketing and promotion driven by costs.” .

Comcast said its decision to release premium Video On Demand titles was lucrative.

The company said that the launch of the vaccine raised hopes that affected business sectors would grow again. The Tokyo Olympics is also expected to open on July 23.

“Anything can happen,” said Jeff Shell, president of NBC Universal, of the company’s earnings announcement. “But we are confident that the Olympics will take place and the advertisers agree and agree.”

How did Comcast’s divisions perform in the quarter compared to last year:

  • Cable communications grew 6.3 percent to 15-15.7 billion.
  • The Cable Network 7 brought in 2.7 billion, 6.4% less revenue.
  • TV revenue grew 2,800 million, 12% less.
  • Total graphic entertainment revenue is 1.44 billion, down 8.3%.
  • Theme parks generated $ 99.99 million in revenue of $ 63.639 million.
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