Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown delayed until 2023 and cancels PS4 and Xbox One versions

Solar Crown Unlimited Driving Test They will not be released on September 22 This year, as as planned. This was announced by its developers at A Statement posted on the official Steam page. They explain the reasons that led them to delay the launch of the video game Until 2023, There is no estimated date, and it is also announced that the releases of PS4 s Xbox One It has been canceled. This way, we’ll have to wait until next year to see the return of the legendary Epic drivingwhose new delivery will be available at PS5And Xbox X/SAnd PC s Transformation.

“We know many of you will be disappointed.”

“We know many of you will be disappointed, but our goal Solar Crown Unlimited Driving Test that it Make it the most polished gaming experience in the franchise Dedicate more development time, “start by saying those responsible for the project in the statement.” So , We want to thank the community From fans for their support and daily sharing on the game’s official Discord channel and within the communities on various social media platforms,” they continued.

Closed betas and cancellations on PS4 and Xbox One

The studio states that this is the first update of many of its plans to update the community on the latest developments in the game, and it has actually participated Details about how clans work They represent the main factions of Solar Crown Unlimited Driving Test. Regarding the cancellation of the last generation versions, the developer states that it was a decision of the publisher: “Finally, with the aim of making full use of the technology of the last generation consoles and maximizing the overall quality of the game, Nakoun decided to stop developing Solar Crown Unlimited Driving Test For PS4 and Xbox One“.

Although there is no specific release date, file creators Solar Crown Unlimited Driving Test They expected that they would be detained closed beta “Long before launch.”

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