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The revamp of the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X revolutionized their interior design due to the presence of two new components. The first steering wheel in the form of a yoke (“joke”) is causing much controversy. The second is The new horizontal screen measures 17 inches, along with The second screen is eight inches For back seat passengers. Both are part of another company novelty:Tesla Arcade. Thanks to the power of the new processor, you can Play highly demanding video games And compatibility with wireless controllers will allow this Do this from any seat. Will this be legal?

Discussions about the legitimacy of the new steering wheel for the Tesla Model S and Model X have overshadowed another novelty included in the electric cars of the American manufacturer. TheTo a new video game console What became the dashboard screen and her little sister in the back row of seats.

For now, it looks like the steering wheel won’t be an illegal item (although it is likely optional). This is what the Dutch Road Transport Authority (RDW) has said, which guarantees the possibility of selling it in its country because “the shape of the steering wheel is not provided for in any part of the European Union legislation”. The same conclusion was reached before British Government Department of Transport (DfT) Which ensures that the regulations regarding steering gear (Regulation 79 of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) do not specify any shape or size of the steering wheel. UK regulations allow a vehicle steering gear to be anything – a wheel, joystick, steering wheel or the new Tesla yoke, as long as it can be used to maintain control of the vehicle and meet UK Department of Transport (MOT) standards.

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While in motion, the driver is not permitted to see those screens that do not provide information about the vehicle, navigation or the environment.

But there is another element that now appears to be questionable in light of the legislation and could have consequences for Tesla. Road laws Prevent the driver from using or viewing multimedia devices while driving. When Tesla introduced the update to the Model S and Model X, it announced a new feature developed for its infotainment system: “Tesla Arcade”. Its new processor is so powerful that it will be able to play video games on both the 17 ”instrument cluster and the 8” back seat screen. Will allow support for wireless controllers Play from any seat.

It was a DfT spokesperson who explained to Sunday times Under the law, drivers can only use screens when they provide information related to the vehicle’s condition, display the navigation path, or when they help to see the environment. Under this regulation, those screens used for another purpose “must not be visible to the driver while the vehicle is operating”.

This means that It would be illegal for a front seat passenger to use this feature while on the moveBecause the screen is in the driver’s field of vision. However, back seat passengers will be able to use their screen for whatever function they want at any time.

On current Tesla models, the entertainment system allows viewing of broadcast TV and video services, which It becomes unavailable upon launch. Tesla will likely introduce similar restrictions for video games and dashboard screen.

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