Tesla and Nuevo León “put together a machaca” from a comment about Tecate beer

Soon Samuel Garcia And his team came to government The new lionThey were invited by Tesla executives to visit Tesla’s mega-factory Elon Musk in Austin, TexasAnd, almost at the end of the tour, an executive from the automaker offered advice that surprised Mexicans: “Don’t stop taking Tecates.”

It was actually a reference to doing business, as the Tesla manager’s joke alluded to Recycled aluminum supplied by a plant in Nuevo León to the automaker For the manufacture of electric vehicle chassis. Samuel GarciaWhen he returned to Mexico, he said, he and his team began dreaming about the possibility of bringing the transnational corporation into our lands.

who is that Austin factory tour Opening the door for business opportunity, since the industrial areaMonterey is only about 140 miles from the Texas borderthe United States, where businessman Elon Musk established his trading headquarters.

FTesla is headquartered in Austin, Texas. Photograph: Joe Nakamura/Reuters

Shortly thereafter, the governor of Nuevo León merged into his government Emmanuel Lu, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Investment.

This appointment played an important role in the development of the negotiations because, according to Samuel García, Some Tesla executives grew up and lived with Emanuel for a long time, Thanks to this direct connection, information about land offers, economic indicators, engineering training statistics, universities and other relevant data began to flow.

In addition, about 30 Tesla suppliers were established in that northern state of Mexico, so Musk’s entourage soon traveled to Nuevo León to scout opportunities.

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With the growth of interest in the company, Elon Musk has decided to visit Nuevo León in October 2022since it has already explored other states in Mexico to analyze the prospects for a new factory, because according to its master plan, by 2030 Tesla should build about 20 million cars annually.

Mariana Rodriguez and Samuel Garcia recounted their first encounter with Elon Musk in 2012 (Instagram @marianardzcantu)

When he comes, we give him a ride By helicopter and even the managers told me he was a fan. plant saw Terneum and Kia And be surprised lego plantSamuel García and his wife, Mariana Rodriguez.

On his Instagram stories, Rodriguez mentioned that the flight was a little uncomfortable because the helicopter was small and the six passengers, including Elon Musk, were suffering from the heat. The Pole himself commented during the tour that he had never flown in such a small plane and with so many people.

According to Samuel García, the Pole Tour included many symbolic sites in the Queen of the Northbut it wasn’t until the pilot passed through the Sierra de la Sierra huasteca And entered the zone Saint Catharina When “Elon pulled out his cell phone and started taking selfies, pictures and videos of how amazing the Huastica Mountains were.”

An aerial view showing the land on which Tesla indicated it could build a new gigafactory, in Santa Catarina, on the outskirts of Monterrey, Mexico on March 2, 2023. REUTERS/Daniel Pesrill

Surprisingly, Musk asked the pilot to stop to better appreciate the area, and when he descended, the businessman asked his team to buy the land.

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“It was then that he started saying he wanted the factory there,” García recalls. Seeing the enthusiasm of the Tesla owner, the ruler recalled with emotion that at that moment we said “machaca is already prepared”.

Santa Catarina was chosen as the home of Tesla’s gigfactory. The land that once belonged to the hippodrome is located about 10 kilometers from Monterrey, at the exit of the highway to Saltillo, Coahuila.

In the following weeks, the automaker’s executives dispatched a legal team to the neonate.

“They’ve been here for three or four months with notaries, cadastral and property issues, and already in December they told me the board said yes and they were coming to Nuevo León,” said the governor. That it was not necessary to get into a fight with other rulers for the location of the new car factory.

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