Tension despite China’s promise not to spread infection

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the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics They are getting close. This event was floated a few years ago as a landmark event as it hosted the Summer Olympics in 2008, has become a challenge to the organization. Added to the diplomatic boycott declared by powers such as the United States, the arrival of omicron variableAnd the spread of infection of many athletes and the tightening of restrictions in the Chinese territory with the aim of maintaining zero injuries throughout the region.

The Asian giant’s powers are at risk at the Games, which will begin on February 4. Because of this, they have worked in recent months to achieve the championship of total eradication of the infection in their lands. That is why they did not hesitate to continue with their strategy of mass testing the population and, above all, with confinement One of the worst affected areas. Some decisions were made before the omicron variant arrived, known to be easily contagious, and the positive side is less aggressive. Despite this, the fact of fast transmission has set off alarms in He watches.

The IOC is in no way considering the possibility of suspending the Games. Expected situation, as the organization defended the past Tokyo 2020 Games, and with the success of the vaccination, it will not change to set China. However, some concern about the spread of infection among participating athletes has been confirmed. “We want Organizing a great event With all the great athletes in the world Christopher Dobby, Executive Director of the International Olympic Committee, in RTS.

Therefore, security measures will be necessary. The latest protocol will force a closed bubble. Unlike Tokyo 2020, some people are leaving for it bubble will be prohibited. In addition, the impossibility of going to the tourist areas is preserved and you can only be in the facilities that the organization has enabled. Of course, although there is no audience in Tokyo, China has accepted that some local fans can access the facilities.

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The only danger they see in the IOC is infection among the athletes. Tokyo has been kept under control and a large-scale outbreak of the disease in various disciplines has been avoided. Beijing wants to follow the same path in order to make good on its promise of zero daily infections. Currently, in the past seven days they have only been notified with difficulty 10 positive cases across the region And to watch the “peak” you have to go back to October, when there were four cases on the same day in Beijing at the end of the month. The numbers are far from those seen in Europe, but for China it already poses a challenge with Omicron’s spread among participants and the population.

Interrupt “increase”

As if that were not enough, the diplomatic boycott being promoted by some major powers should be added to the health situation in Beijing. decision started United State After China was accused of violating human rights in some of its territories, which the United Kingdom and New Zealand immediately joined. Countries European UnionFor their part, they will take a common position and other countries such as South Korea have already ruled out joining the US offensive.

This campaign against China, which will only result in the absence of representative positions from each country without any harm to the athletes, also has a motive.’Kasu Bing Shuai‘, the tennis player who denounced the sexual assault by a senior Communist Party official and former deputy prime minister of the country. Even the WTA, the women’s tennis organization, has decided to cancel all tournaments on Chinese soil until the matter is clarified.

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Indoor Pavilion for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics


The last piece of the wall of difficulties erected in front of the 2022 Beijing Olympics was laid by NHL. The best ice hockey league in the world, one of the main references to the Olympic event, has confirmed that it will not stop during the event dates. The reason was only the large number of injuries in recent weeks that forced many matches to be postponed.

Thus, between the province and Covid-19, Beijing 2022 will face a historic challenge. In his hand is the health aspect, which in the absence of influence on the appointment will be a great success for the Chinese organization and the International Olympic Committee itself, and is a great defender of the event being held.

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