Telegram updates: will not allow screenshots to be sent and anonymous messages can be sent

Telegram has added several options that will provide greater security and privacy for its users (Image: Telegram)

cable He came back to pamper its users with something new Security updates This will help them prevent other users from saving group and channel content, deleting messages for specific periods of time, managing connected devices, and posting anonymously to public groups, among others.

With these updates Telegram users They will have better management of them Privacy and information in which they participate Groups and Channels, making end-to-end encryption essential and simple. Below we tell you about the new updates in detail.

This update helps creators protect their posts on Telegram, ensuring that they are only available to their audience, Avoid taking shots And Limits the ability to save files subscriber.

(Photo: Telegram)
(Photo: Telegram)

Group and channel owners who want to keep their content available to members only can Restrict message forwarding from their conversation, which also avoids screen capture and limits the ability to save multimedia for posts.”

To change the ability of users to forward messages, open the information page. group / channel & gt; group type / channel & gt; Restrict saving content.

Platform Messages and calls He wants his users to have complete control over his files fingerprintSo, now they are allowed to do so Delete any message when you want. That is, the entire chat history of a specific day or period of time can be emptied in any conversation between two people.

To open the calendar, tap history bar Which appears when you slide into the chat and then choose the days you want to delete.

(Photo: Telegram)
(Photo: Telegram)

Although this option is for conversations between two users, it is possible to configure a file self-delete message In any conversation for a day, a week, or even a month after it was sent.

Unlike other messaging platforms, it is possible to use Telegram on several devices at the same time. “food menu Hardware It helps you control where you are logged into your account. We add a new button to connect a desktop fast and choice Automatically log out on inactive devices after a while.”

In groups and public channels People will be able to remain anonymous during conversations In communities with thousands of members. Since the topics to be found range from politics to entertainment, it has added the option to appear as a channel instead of a private profile.

(Photo: Telegram)
(Photo: Telegram)

To change, you have to touch the profile picture next to the keyboard and choose one of the channels you created. When you post it this way, the profile will not be seen.

An option will be provided for some mobile devices receive a call From Telegram and then enter several digits of the phone number you called, instead of receiving codes through text messages.

If on demand Join group The administrator responds directly to the user, and he will be able to see at the top of the chat of the community he is sending a message to.

(Photo: Telegram)
(Photo: Telegram)

Since September filed a telegram 8 topics which can be created for conversations between two users and is now available to all who have Android (iOS already had it.) They also pray with Redesigned Settings And Each theme has day and night mode, animated backgrounds and bubbles color gradient letters.

Like all themes, you can customize these designs and change the colors or change the style. For more custom options and settings, click Browse Themes to edit and share your creations.

He also added another Updates Which at the moment will only apply to iOS users, and he: Text recognition, which will allow you to quickly select, copy, and search text without having to copy it. give him Message format Like putting bold, italic or links. Finally, he redesigned the communication format.

It should be noted that its direct competitor, WhatsApp, will get some updates in 2022, which is still behind the ones Telegram just launched, all of which are already fully available in its latest update.

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