Telegram triumphs with the fall of WhatsApp: as if the entire UK downloaded the app in 6 hours | Technique

Monday’s massive drop in all of Facebook’s social networks has caused rival apps to thrive.

Surely you already know that Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp suffered several hours of downturn last Monday. The news that had worldwide repercussions and the consequences have since been known was quite startling.

On the one hand, this caused a significant economic loss for Mark Zuckerberg of one billion dollars per hour, as well as an unexpected boom in SMS. But how could it be otherwise, the most direct competition was also hit by an earthquake.

As posted on cnetAnd Telegram claims to have added 70 million users During the WhatsApp outage, what they defined as “Record increase in user registration and activity‘, which is not surprising.

Now that WhatsApp is going through a bad time, you might consider using other apps. Do you know everything Telegram has to offer?

Telegram has been increasing in users in recent years, as well as other similar messaging apps that take privacy into account, such as Edward Snowden’s favorite gesture.

During the fall of WhatsApp in particular, the increase in downloads was like this Telegram has experienced a slowdown in its service, especially in North America. But in general they were able to resolve the situation.

Pavel Durov, founder of Telegram, who has stated in the past that WhatsApp will never be secure, shared his satisfaction through your channel: “I’m proud of the way our team handled the unprecedented growth because Telegram has continued to run smoothly for the vast majority of our users.“.

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This trend is likely to continue, WhatsApp is increasingly seen with worse eyes, and the controversy over Facebook has intensified in recent weeks. be Many users who switch to other apps and are no longer seen as marginal choices or for experts.

In short, they got 70 million new users in just a few hours, More than the population of the United Kingdom. A huge success for Telegram.

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