Teddy bears, chocolates and flowers arrive before Valentine’s Day

Mazatlan: And how do you plan to celebrate February 14, Valentine’s Day or the day of love and friendship? If you are planning to give a gift to your partner or friends, we inform you that many of the products in the port such as teddy bears, flowers and jewelry are already starting to appear in windows, driveways and sidewalks, as the merchants are moving forward. To store their business all kinds of gifts.

Merchants know that celebrating a holiday is several days, but it is better for them to prepare everything, so that people can part with their gift in advance and not rush to the last moment of Valentine’s Day.

Maria Lopez, one of the sellers of these products, said that at this time the demand for goods increases significantly due to this celebration, despite the lack of sales on the eve of the visit and the lack of visits.

“Actually, there’s very little selling, but if there are people who come in to ask or from time to time they take something, but the strong thing really comes into February,” he commented.

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