TechSuyo, the conference that lets you learn about the experiences of Peruvians in Silicon Valley

TechSuyo, Meet Peruvians in Silicon Valley

TechSuyo It is the annual technology conference organized by the Association of Peruvian Professionals in Silicon Valley. Since 2017, they have held this event that has positioned itself as an annual meeting between the Peruvian business and academic environment with one of the major technology centers in the United States.

The first event was held at Stanford University, and by 2018, it was held in the facilities of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, one of the most powerful ecosystems in the United States, around many of the top universities around the world. In 2019, it was held in Lima and also at the University of Berkeley.

For 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, almost everything is done and in 2021 the conference is back in Silicon Valley in San Mateo.

“In 2022, we are committed to implementing it in Miami, a business ecosystem that has evolved a lot in the midst of the current pandemic and crisis and is today a gateway to Latin America,” says Omar Azaniedo Sayan, EU Representative, Association of Peruvian Professionals in Silicon Valley.

The Peruvian professional community in the fields of technology, innovation, science and research will participate in this event. between them, Peruvian professionals working and residing in Silicon Valleywho in the event hope to “match” with directors and CEOs from the local corporate world, with local entrepreneurs and with representatives, researchers and students from the academic world.

About the spokesperson TechSuyo It promotes the interoperability of the business sector of companies and small businesses and never stops betting and achieving the convergence of both sectors with the academic, scientific or research world, where the possibility of new technologies, innovation or disruption always arises.

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The conference is open and also aimed at Peruvian businessmen and entrepreneurs, managers, directors and executives from the Peruvian corporate world and the local academic and scientific community.

“The event has three very specific tracks: the corporate track, the academic and scientific track. “The three blocks are closely related and totally interested in local entrepreneurs, executives, entrepreneurs, researchers and scientists,” Azanedou says.

The main theme this year is “Disruptive Technology Made in Latin America” Through presentations, seminars, talks, workshops, and network events, they will seek to inspire, motivate and create spaces for collaboration and thus accelerate knowledge transfer between Silicon Valley and Peru.

“Our experience with the delegations and groups of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs we take to Silicon Valley shows us that what participants value most is knowledge of the experience of other similar professionals in their fields or fields, and knowledge of the ‘practices’ that large and small companies have to spur innovation and continuous improvement in their workers. All this is often assumed as good practices to adapt locally and thus achieve important changes. in their work, jobs, companies, organizations and projects,” says Azaneido.

TechSuyo, Meet Peruvians in Silicon Valley
TechSuyo, Meet Peruvians in Silicon Valley

Likewise, it is just as important to learn from the new business trends and ideas that are starting to emerge from places like this, which will later impact and affect the entire world.

In this space, one can interact with entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley, who have a global vision, and are constantly striving to influence the world. In addition to validating their business ideas or questioning them from other perspectives or from the experience of a place like this, it always adds and enriches the potential or already ongoing entrepreneur.

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Peruvian society in the technological center of United State It has been growing since 2009, since the first Peruvian delegation that was organized that year. Since then, a joint effort with the Peruvian Consulate in San Francisco has begun and more Peruvians have begun to learn.

Today there is contact with nearly 200 Peruvian specialists in various fields in Silicon Valley, It is estimated that there must already be more than 500 Peruvian professionals and businessmen in this place.

Apple Park Campus in Cupertino, California.
Apple Park Campus in Cupertino, California.

For more details, you can go to A delegation from Peru is organized to attend TechSuyo in Miami and then go to learn about the Silicon Valley experience. As a delegation, business activities or visits are organized, networked and you have the facilities to go as a group. You can find information at:

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