Team Canada GM Armstrong explains why he chose Pietrangelo

Sidney Crosby? Apparently. Conor McDowell? It is not a brain. But what about Alex Petrange?

After all, why was the Vegas Golden Knights defender named to the men’s hockey roster for the 2022 Olympics in Canada on Monday morning?

“There is no doubt that he is of great value on and off the ice for the Olympics event,” said Doug Armstrong, general manager of Canada, explaining his decision during the appearance. Jeff Marek Show.

Piatranslo, a three-time NHL All-Star, was the head coach of the team that won the gold medal for Canada in Sochi in 2014, last played in the NHL Player Games, and played a key role for Canada at the 2016 Hockey World Cup.

Armstrong and Petranzillo, 31, also won the Stanley Cup with the Blues in 2019.

“It’s a great 200 feet,” Armstrong said. “He joined the pair as a striker (in 2014 and 2016). He did a great job with him, but he gave 200 feet and his game has evolved even since 2016. In the last six years, he’s been one of the best defenders in the league for me. Build a team, we’ll start with 200 Advance, I think Pedro is a great example of that.

Armstrong, who has been the general manager at St. Louis since 2010, was unable to accept an extension to his contract with Petrangelo in 2020, as the Blues signed him in the first round in Las Vegas in 2008.

“At the end of the day, make a business decision, we make a business decision, but when you work for the Canadian team you always do your best for the Canadian team,” Armstrong said.

Armstrong and his management team must submit a long final roster of 55 players by October 15, from which they will compile a final roster before the January announcement.

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As usual, Canada will have gold medal expectations in the Games.

“What you learn to do doesn’t underestimate anyone,” Armstrong said before competing briefly for the creator of an international competition. “You have the Finns as my favorite country outside of Canada because they are young and they are passionate and passionate players of the game and they are always strong.

“The Americans have the best talent, the Russians have the best talent and the Swedes have the best talent.

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