Teacher from Entre Ríos tells she was scammed by a tour company when she chartered a tour for ‘one million pesos’ – public interest

In radio statements, Virgina Panuzo – a teacher from the city of Chagare – said that she was scammed when purchasing a tour package worth approximately one million pesos.

the case

“In October 2022, I purchased a tour package with Felgueres Tourism, a very recognized company in Buenos Aires, even sponsored by various popular TV shows, such as Mirtha Legrand’s,” the victim explained.

He even recounted that “I’ve also had people I know fly with this company and everything went well” so there was a lot of confidence when hiring her. In fact, he explains that – with much effort and putting in his savings – “I bought a package for Turkey, Russia, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania”.

The payment was “in dollars and they asked me to do the transaction because if I had two or three days left, the value of the trip would increase a lot.” With a sword of inflation on her shoulders, the young woman decided to pay for the trip in full because “it was before the increase and – according to what they told me – it was an upgrade.”


Panozzo explained that the trip was scheduled for “July of this year because since I was a teacher, I was going to take vacations to do this trip.”

The victim said at one point: “Everyone started sending me screenshots of the scam this company has done because I’m not the only one and in the national media they are already talking about several victims, with people stranded in Ezeiza, who had to get out now in April” .

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In fact, he said, “there were about 200 people who were stranded because they canceled everything, flights, all hotels, everything.”

Panozzo confirmed that he started “to send messages to the person who sold me the ticket but I only had one sign left, I entered the Turismo Felgueres page and it disappeared, I went to look at the news, everything and I realized it was a big scam; the company disappeared from the planet” .

As he explained, “Leave, there is no physical place to protest in Buenos Aires either because he left, picked everything up and left.”


Finally he said, “I am a teacher, I work a lot to earn my salary, to earn my things, and this was a dream that ended.” Now, he doesn’t rule out being able to join the other victims and be able to “do something legal” to see if they can get the money back.

“I have everything, I have the contract, I have the payments, I have it all,” he explained. Stressing that the company “was registered even with the Ministry of Tourism, but now it has disappeared from all sides.”

Finally, she urged victims – especially from the region or from Entre Ríos – to contact her so that they could exchange experiences and organize some joint actions.

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