Te Mec and Kamala Harris: Does your position jeopardize the treaty with Mexico and Canada?

It is known that for decades, Mexico and the United States, as neighboring countries, have been allies, in many sectors, and from an economic point of view they cannot be absent. The Elect Joe Biden And how Vice President Kamala Harris.

The Vice President Kamala HarrisHe didn’t hide, he voted against T Dodd (Treaty between Mexico, the United States and Canada), Which came into effect on July 1, 2020, however, her vote against it, not only for economic reasons, but also for environmental reasons, given that she is one of the Senators, who, for several years, has shown her support for American farmers declared as justification for her vote against T- MEC:

“It is the duty of the United States Congress to ensure that our country’s trade policies improve workers’ lives, develop the economy, and protect public health and the environment.”

Trade agreements can open new markets for American products and forge new alliances with foreign countries. It can also lead to job losses, lower wages, and environmental degradation.

Although Kamala Harris Showing a strong stance against T-MEC, US Ambassador to Mexico Christopher Landau commented that the treaty is not in danger of being suspended, because one of the Democrats ’campaign policies was aimed at restoring the relationship. Mexico, the United States, and T-MEC It is an important part of that international relationship.

However, not everything is bad, and of course the trade pressure with Mexico will be greater, but in terms of immigration, Kamal offers a positive stance, which supports the rights of immigrants, and declares that the United States suffers from a “humanitarian crisis”. With Trump’s policy ??Staying in Mexico?? As immigrants seeking asylum in the United States are forced to remain in Mexico while their asylum applications are reviewed.

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