Tatiana Klother says that T-MEC allows for conflict resolution with dialogue

Minister of Economy , Tatiana ClotherHe noted that the treaty between Mexico, the United States and Canada (T-MECIt provides dispute resolution mechanisms that allow interested parties to learn and find solutions to their problems before they are resolved in legal situations.

While you are participating in Latin American City Conferences: Mexico City 2021The official stated that she will meet next Monday with her counterparts from United State s Canada To review the concerns they have about implementing T-MEC.

“The treaty helped us find something new Solution MechanismsWhere we learn from both parties to find and solve our problems through dialogue and through previous committees or schedules, before transforming them into complex legal issues. ”

These data are given after United State “Show for the first time” vs. Mexico Rapid Response MechanismFor an alleged violation of Article 23 of T-MEC By GM’s plant in Silao, Guanajuato, by disallowing the Free Trade Union Confederation.

“I think it is coming now and it is part of what we are working with the next government in the United States, in fact on next Monday and Tuesday we have our first formal meetings on issues with Catherine Tay”, Trade Representative for I.

on the other side, Tatiana Clother He stated, “We cannot have luxury if we do not have growth, and we cannot achieve growth if we do not have jobs and job opportunities, and we cannot obtain this if we are not hand in hand,” with regard to cooperation with the private initiative.

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