Tampa Bay Pirates to start RB Leonard Fortnite against New Orleans Saints

Tampa, Florida – Tampa Bay Pirates run back and from New Orleans Leonard Fortnite Coach Bruce Arians said Friday he will start against the New Orleans Saints in Sunday’s NFC tag team match.

Regular running backwards Ronald Jones“It would be a” game time decision “, said Arians, who suffered a four-way injury and missed last week’s game against Washington.

“Ro, you have improved today – it will be game time,” Arians said after training on Friday, which was conducted indoors on the lawn. “But Leonard will start the match, and we’ll see how Ro is doing in full speed, then he’ll get his regulars.”

Even if Jones, who returned to training on a limited basis Thursday, was able to play, Fortnite, who sprinted 93 yards and crossed 39 yards last week, would still unlock the game.

“He’s a Hell player, and he played really well last week,” said Arians of Fortnite, who hasn’t figured out he’ll start last week shortly before the match. “I trusted him all year long.”

Fortnite acknowledged the challenges of taking on a different role this season in Tampa Bay as a backup, calling it a “humble operation” and that “he wasn’t playing as hard as he used to.”

But he believes the move helped extend his career. He’s more refreshed than ever at ending the season, and feels less stress when surrounded by Tampa Bay guns, including those in his conference room.

“At first, I was looking at the bad things, because I didn’t get the ball, but in the end, it helped me extend my career,” said Fortnite, who had been recruited personally. Tom Brady When he was released from Jacksonville. Brady sent him a text message telling him they could use his help.

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“I felt that was the perfect decision for me,” said Fortnite, who turned down another chance to go to a team that could have been the focal point of the attack, but chose Tampa Bay instead. “I love him here, to be honest. We have a sibling that is going well now. We are shedding our tails off every day to make each other better.”

Arians praised Fornett for adopting a different kind of role and for placing her first.

“It was amazing,” said Arians. “Once he got here, we clarified the situation: Your role can change when the hat falls off.” “Just like it happened last week. And” Be prepared. “And he did. He trained hard, he’s ready and I can’t say enough about him – he’s a skeleton player, he’s doing a good job.”

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