Taiwan hosts a delegation from the Canadian Congress

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen claimed Committing to protect the values ​​of freedom and democracy alongside like-minded partners, while calling on Canada to support the nation’s efforts to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).).

Tsai made the remarks while receiving a delegation from that country’s House of Commons at the Presidential Office in Taipei City. Chaired by John McKay, chairman of the House Standing Committee on National Defense, the group includes Representatives Stephane Bergeron, James Pezan, Michael Chung, Ken Hardy and Heather MacPherson.

Canada is a critical partner for Taiwan, and it is imperative for democracies to remain united in the face of authoritarian expansion, Tsai said, adding that the North American country has already shown its interest in cross-strait peace and stability through its new system. strategy for the Indo-Pacific region.

Tsai took the opportunity to thank the Canadian government for its support of Taiwan’s participation in the international arena such as the International Civil Aviation Organization and the World Health Assembly.

China establishes a no-fly zone in northern Taiwan on April 16

The President indicated that she hopes that the negotiations that began at the beginning of this year regarding the signing of an agreement to encourage and protect foreign investment will contribute to deepening the connection between the two parties and enhancing economic and trade cooperation further.

Taiwan meets high-level international trade standards and is ready to join CPTPP, Tsai said, adding that the nation will strive for greater growth and prosperity with its partners.

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For his part, McKay stressed that Taiwan issues are Canadian issues. McKay added that this visit will help the delegation members know how the nation has maintained and strengthened its democracy and prosperity despite the great efforts of the People’s Republic of China to the contrary.

After his speech, Hardy, who chairs the Special Committee on Relations between Canada and Taiwan, stated that both Al Jazeera and Canada attach great importance to freedom of expression. Then he handed Cai a copy of the report. Canada and Taiwan: A Strong Relationship in Turbulent TimesIt was unanimously approved by the House of Commons.

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