Taiana participated in the conclusion of the military intelligence exercise that gathered 400 soldiers in Córdoba

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The Minister of Defense, Jorge Taiana, witnessed the conclusion of a military intelligence exercise that took place in Córdoba, in which a group of 400 members of the Armed Forces interacted with the aim of “deepening the knowledge acquired by officers and non-commissioned officers”. in this subject.

“This exercise in the field of intelligence units is very positive and has a high level of coordination,” Taiana said in a statement issued by the Ministry of Defense.

This test took place at Camp Instruction in the Cordoba Military Barracks, where an activity called “Integration of Combat Intelligence and Early Warning” has been carried out since April 27.

The aim of this exercise was to “deepen the knowledge acquired by officers and non-commissioned officers who had recently graduated from the Armed Forces Intelligence Institute” and involved the participation of Army, Navy and Air Force personnel.

Tayana congratulated the participants in the exercise and “everyone who participated in this activity, including those who did in the rest of the country.”

Besides the Minister, there were also the National Director of Military Strategy and Strategy, Carlos Molina, and the Army Commander, Lieutenant General Guillermo Olegario Pereda.

Pereda explained, “This week, we are developing this exercise, which included an intelligence group to complete a basic course and the work of units of the Airborne Brigade and various elements of the jurisdiction of the 2nd Northwest Division.”

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“At the same time a tactical maneuver is being carried out on the large island of Tierra del Fuego,” the senior officer added.

He stressed that “in light of the available capabilities, what is planned for this military year is being implemented: on the one hand, the courses, and on the other hand, the development of staff and leadership exercises in the field, in different parts of the country.”

Director General of Military Strategic Intelligence Francisco Moliterno also attended the closing. Commander of the Army’s 2nd Division, Brigadier General Roberto Ariel Agüero. Army Rapid Deployment Force Commander Brigadier General Federico Torres.

Also on their side is the commander of the 4th Airborne Brigade, Brigadier General Carlos Alberto Presti; Director General of Argentine Naval Intelligence, Admiral Juan Carlos Cori; and Director General of Intelligence of the Argentine Air Force, Brigadier General Juan Alberto Lescano.

According to the file, the exercise – which includes, in addition to 400 soldiers, 74 vehicles and aircraft and 27 intelligence elements – focused on “training on integration, coordination and synchronization at the tactical level, and on means of acquisition and devices of the Intelligence Directorate of the three forces deployed on the battlefield.”

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