Tabasqueño, Czech, from this you can work in Canada

By noticing it Canada Facing an acute labor crisis, both general and specialized, the Minister of Economic Development, Federico García Malitz, indicated that Tabasco get benefit from export until thousand workers every year.

The state official pointed out that job opportunities in canada They are not limited to the field only, but there are requirements for qualified labor in various productive and industrial sectors.

He even said that it takes young people who want to train to take charge Factory run Of Canadian descent in the territory of Tabasco.

“Let’s not forget that Tabasco also sends temporary workers to Canada, I don’t have the data at the moment, but I do have the data that there are 500 to a thousand temporary workers who leave Tabasco every year, to the field there in Toronto, which is a necessity they have, they need to Labour, there is no labor at all levels, at the programming level, at the AI ​​level, at the manufacturing level, and they can’t find operators to operate the machines there in Canada, is also a part they asked us, hook them up to see if there are guys who want to go to There for training, and this is the idea that young people from Tabasco train in Canada so they can bring their companies, manufacture in Tabasco and they can continue to sell Canadian products in their markets but it is manufactured in Tabasco.”

he said that he An unbeatable opportunity for Tabascosince every year not only labor will be exported to Canada, but Canadian companies will now be installed to work from the entity, resulting in the entire chain of production and demand for various services.

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