T-MEC Consulting, Raquel Buenrostro’s Sunflower Test: Bx +

After President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador stated that Raquel Buenrostro, the current head of the Tax Administration Service (SAT), will be Economy Minister, replacing Tatiana Clouther, Grupo Financiero Ve por Más (Bx+) warned that The first servant test of the official Consultations will be to resolve differences under Chapter 31 of the Treaty between Mexico, the United States and Canada (T-MEC) for energy sector policies.

The Chief Economist at Grupo Financiero Bx+, Alejandro Saldaña, he said to Millennium The most important thing will be Raquel Poinrostro’s short-term task: to continue negotiations within this T-MEC dispute resolution mechanism that the United States has detonated and that Canada has joined, regarding energy. Policies that have been implemented in the country in the past three years.

“I think the first test for the new Economy Minister will be to bring these negotiations to a successful conclusion, which is not an easy task, but we are confident that the work will continue, the dialogue will continue, and the ideal scenario for Mexico would be to prevent these disagreements from going to the committees,” he said.

Chief Economist at Bx+ determined that this is important because In case of disagreements, you go to the committeesMexico could have an unfavorable decision, and would jeopardize the possibility of enabling the United States and Canada to implement or apply tariffs on Mexican exports in response to energy policy.

He stressed this by saying, “I think we will closely monitor that first task, the first test of the new Minister of Economy.”

Very good economic team

When asked about Raquel Buenrostro’s ability to carry out these commercial disputes She responded with North American countries that it is important to bear in mind that the official has experience in the public sector and that she, moreover, is not alone.

“It is surrounded by a strong team of people with a proven track record in international trade and an important legal team. It is the entire team that usually implements these positions, just as when I renegotiated the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) that ended at T-MEC It was also very clear to note that the three countries were teaming up to solve these issues,” Alejandro Saldana stated.

“Beyond the personal situation, the secretariat has a great team with great experience that will help and guide it to make the best decisions,” he said.

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The new head of the SAT will maintain the policy of AMLO

Grupo Financiero Ve por Más estimates that the value of nThe new head of the SAT will follow the same fiscal policy, Focused on increasing revenue, because it’s something that comes from the head of the federal government.

Saldana said Millennium This is, without a doubt, with Raquel Buenrostro Tax collection had a boost With the implementation of oversight policies, he said, “Raquel Buenrostro’s work in this department has come out very clearly.”

Henceforth, “We believe that the question of taxes will remain on the same line because it was very clear, and even comes from above, and, for example, in other dependencies in which there have been changes, such as the Ministry of Finance, the policies initiated by this government have been preserved; In this aspect, we really believe that there will be continuity.

Thus, he pointed out that the reasonable thing would be to give continuity in the policies, given what was seen in other dependencies that changes occurred in their personnel.

According to information from the SAT, in 2021, Tax revenues amounted to 3,566 billion pesos; Of this amount, 524 thousand 426 million corresponds to collection efforts; 391 thousand million for supervision work and 133 thousand 400 million pesos for portfolios and collection efficiency.

As of September 30, 2022, Tax revenue amounted to 2,899 billion pesos, It represents a 0.5 percent decrease in real terms, compared to January-September 2021.

Excluding the Special Tax on Production and Services (IEPS), which was affected by the fuel stimulus to counteract the inflationary impact, tax collection grew at a real annual rate of 10.3 percent. ISR collection increased by 14.5 percent and VAT by 1.9 percent.

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