Szafnauer explains how Ocon helped Alonso in Canada with DRS

Ocon did not shoot Alonso to be in the DRS

Szafnauer asserts it was the team’s best strategy

Alpine finished both cars in points, and Ocon and Alonso crossed the finish line one behind the other in sixth and seventh places respectively – although the Spaniard received a penalty after the race that put him in ninth. France team manager Otmar Szafnauer confirmed that this result was thanks to the team’s work, noting that Ocon helped Alonso.

Alonso had an engine problem that prevented him from getting the most out of his car. A breakdown, according to the Alpine team manager, put the Spanish rider on alert, so they decided to help his teammate.

“In the middle of the race, he started to complain about excessive politeness and Looks like it might have some kind of air leak“But we still have to assess that,” Szafnauer told Britain’s Sky F1 television after the race.

“Esteban didn’t have any problems, he was a little faster at the end. It just went downhill so we had the DRS train.”

And so Szafnauer explained it Ocon didn’t shoot in the final stages of the race, so Alonso was in the DRS It prevents drivers who come from behind from getting a greater chance of overtaking. “I think that had it not been for the DRS train and the excessive trimming, Fernando would have been in danger of being overtaken and Esteban helped him,” he said.

Alonso showed a different opinion on the radio. When the Spaniard stood behind his teammate, he declared on the radio that he was “up to 100 times faster than him” even with the collapse. But Szafnauer says the team’s strategy was the best.

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“We couldn’t change the order because hWe would have been really vulnerable. So this was true. Esteban refrained from letting Alonso get the DRS, he could have gone but that’s not good for the team.”

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