Sweden withdraws from the UK-led sixth generation fighter programme

The agreement that Sweden reached with the United Kingdom to form part of the Future Air Combat System programme, with the Future Fighter storm As a star and with Italy as a third partner, there is no continuity in Global Call to Action Against Povertyborn at the end of last year by adding to the efforts about storm The ones that Japan has already done in its project fx. The United Kingdom, Japan and Italy signed their commitment in Global Air Combat Program (Global Call to Action Against Povertyabbreviated in English). It remains to be seen where Sweden will be, whose participation in the previous program was already crippled last summer, according to the CEO of difficultthe company that led the project on behalf of the state, Michael Johanson. Now he is the director of the company Leonardo UK for the program Global Call to Action Against Poverty who asserted that Sweden “does not consider itself to be part of the Assembly at this time”.

Within the framework of the defense sector exhibition DSEI held last week in Japan, Howard noted that the Scandinavian country, “as can be seen, very clearly, they are not part of a team Global Call to Action Against PovertyThe senior executive indicated that the United Kingdom had explored the possibility of linking with Sweden, specifying that it was a previous exploratory activity that “was not contemplated today.” In fact, Stockholm’s role did not go beyond that of an “observer”, as the portal notes. defense breakIn a program Future combat air system (FCAS), as a project stormnot to be confused with FCAS French German Spanish).

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Sweden signed a memorandum of understanding in the summer of 2019 to cooperate with the British program FCAS, before Italy joined the project, a few weeks later. In retrospect, Swedish expectations were diminishing, and in fact did not commit to purchasing the future fighter. storm. His continuity in the project is centered on using the technologies obtained in it to improve his fleet of fighters. Gripen, developed and manufactured by Saab. In the new framework, it seems unlikely that Sweden will join Global Call to Action Against Poverty.

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