Survival, RPG and Action for PC and consoles

The publisher introduced new video games, as well as featuring content from the Eiyuden Chronicle.

Editor 505 Games It allowed us to enjoy a brief preview of some of the video games that are about to hit PC and consoles in the coming months in a digital event starring three very different proposals from each other that we talk about in this special, without forgetting either the action RPG Ioden’s History: Risewhich also had a few minutes of significance in the event.

If you want to know more about this latest title, feel free to consult The Euden Chronicle: Rising Reviewan introduction to the long-awaited JRPG developed by some of the creators behind the legendary game Suikoden, which has been around for quite some time. Enjoyed a successful Kickstarter campaign. Below we leave you with the three main protagonists of the 505 Games digital event with their trailers.

There are first-person survival adventures for all tastes: in sci-fi worlds, under the sea or in the depths of the earth, in bygone times like the Middle Ages or on lost islands with cannibals in between. Are you passionate about this genre? Isn’t there anything left in the way? Then you are interested in “Among the Trolls”, an action adventure that proposes us to explore and survive in strange circumstances. forest in finland, where we will find, as its name suggests, Trolls and other references typical of Finnish folklore. As in other style games, we will need to find resources to make tools and weapons, and foods that need to be cooked next to avoid suffering from diseases, and also magic items It is closely related to the culture and legends of the country. Announced for PC, “Among the Trolls” is slated to be released as Early Access throughout 2022.

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RPG experiences blend beautifully with a glorious past, and Stray Blade invites us to explore Acrea to battle dangerous monsters and delve into the ruins of a mysterious civilization. After finding (and dying) in this place, our hero generates an inextricable connection with Earth, which will be the starting point for an adventure, in addition to presenting many dangers and challenges, highlighting the passage of time. Because, although Acrea suggests a somewhat familiar path into a video game, it will also present a world full of changes associated with our victories and deaths. The Point Blanck Games title is slated to release sometime in 2023 on Xbox Series, PS5, and PC via Steam and Epic Games.

Developed by the creators Remarkable mutant year zeroThis action, role and strategy game takes us to a post-apocalyptic future – of course – full of dangers. In the skin of young Elvis, with his robotic “big brother”, we will have to combine their weapons and unique abilities to defeat enemies in a series of turn-based battles that combine RPG and strategy; It’s all seasoned by strong staging. Miasma Chronicles was seen in a movie trailer, without going into details about its release date.

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