Surprising how the government of Gabriel Borek will be formed in Chile

President-elect of Chile, Gabriel BorekToday, I announce that the cabinet that will accompany him in the government, whose membership will be announced before January 22, will include people from different generations will be”social diversity“, the characteristic that he considers”Relevance“.

“We are looking for equal representation, where the trained and the most prepared people take the lead in the various positions,” Borek said during a hearing of the Electoral Qualification Tribunal (TRISL) in Santiago de Chile.

“To have a synthesis between the different generations that are struggling today to build a better country (…) that is what happened It seems to me that social diversity is also important“The president-elect said in a press conference after the event,” the French news agency reported.

Borek indicated that the cabinet will be announced in its entirety Penultimate week of January And it will not provide any name to the people selected to form it.

“It is important that the Cabinet represents a Balance“It’s a complex puzzle,” he said when asked by the press.

El Tricel reports that Borek is the representative of the The new Chilean leftShe officially won the presidential ballot on December 19, 2021 with 55.8% of the vote against the right-wing candidate Jose Antonio Castwhich got 44.1%.

The elections were the largest in Chilean history since voluntary voting began in 2012.

Of the more than 15 million citizens called to the polls, more than 8.3 million people went to vote, which means 55.6% of the electorate, according to preliminary data from the electoral district.

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President-elect Borek will take office on March 11 to replace outgoing president, conservative Sebastian Pinera.

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