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The Container In the last hours, the remains of a spaceship were found in Container– Extraterrestrial life-details revealed-20220427-0109.html “target=”_blank”>The surface of Mars. Thanks to the camera used by one of the teams that transported the object to this celestial body, the space agency captured and then released images of the flight module located on the red planet.

At first glance, it appears that a file Container-on-the-esent-of-extraterrestrials-You-have-to-take-it-serious-20220421-0097.html “target=”_blank”>The ship was the property of a foreign crew member. However, from the American organization They explained that it was actually a ship sent by the same space agency in 2021. Almost as if it were a pun on the name of this unmanned flight unit, the Mars Creativity helicopter depicted the rover shell that helped the persevering rover land in 2021.

In the photos, you can see the canopy that helped the perseverance mitigate the impact on Earth, as well as the conical shell that protected the rover from high temperatures when it came into contact with the planet.

The images were taken with the rover’s high-resolution color camera, which is pointing about 22 degrees below the horizon. The capture moment occurred on April 20, 2022 local solar time at 11:39:31.

Creative operations on the surface of Mars

Creative Team Leader, Jet Propulsion Lab at Container in southern california, Teddy ZanitosExplain the procedures for taking panoramic views of Mars.

In addition, he highlighted that it has expanded “Ingenious flight operations to perform pioneering flights like this”. “Every time we’re in the atmosphere, Ingenuity covers new ground and offers a perspective that no previous planetary mission could achieve.”Tzanitos confirmed.

The flight unit casing which aided perseverance landing.

“We’re spying with our little eyes… rover landing gear! During the #26 flight of the #MarsHelicopter helicopter, Perseverance snapped photos of the entry, descent, and landing gear needed to land safely on Mars. You can see the protective back cover and the huge dirt cover parachute”They wrote from an official tweet of the organization.

Ian Clark،, former Perseverance Systems engineer and now Mars sample return ascent stage leader and member of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, said “Perseverance was the best-documented Mars landing in history, with cameras showing everything from parachute inflation to landing.”.

However, he pointed out that Creativity photos offer a different perspective“.”If they confirm that our systems worked the way we think they did or even provide a data set of engineering information that we can use to plan the return of a Mars sample, that would be great. And if not, the photos will still be amazing and inspiring.”It is to explain.

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