Surprises from the start

Famous TikTok user @aquisandraxa Spaniard living in Florida (USA), dedicates herself to producing videos showing what her daily life is like in the North American country.

Now he has posted one after going to the drugstore. The first thing that surprises you is that they already have decorations for Halloween and they sell various products.

After showing this attractive look, he starts showing the products he will buy and their prices. The Dove deodorants he wants are $10 (€9.27), while he later teaches a cocoa bar to apply before bed.

“What I came up with was the menstrual pills, which I always use, Midol.

“These are the regular ones, but this one here is a little more powerful, so I’m going to take it and see how much it costs: $9.29 plus tax, which will be $10 in the end.”

Other pills that you have seen and that you are going to take for the first time are for fluid retention. “Look at the prices for tampons ($11.49) and tell me how much they cost where you live. You’ll also have to take a box with you,” he says.

She also buys a belt to carry things without wearing a bra, black tulip jelly made in Almeria, and a bottle of vitamins.

“As you can see, they have a lot of stuff in the drugstore, like a lot of great makeup brands,” she says. “And you can also find practically any makeup or beauty brand or anything in the drugstore.”

In addition, he ended up saying that they also have food products and that since the pandemic they are open 24 hours.

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