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A 33-year-old woman helped push a dairy truck down a snowy hill, and for the action, she was rewarded with a year of free dairy that the same company gave her upon learning “friendly” gesture.

It comes to b Charlene Leslie Which was filmed on Tuesday pushing A huge milk truck from Graham’s Scottish DairyDown a snow-covered street in Cowdenbeath, Fife V Scotland, Behind the Storm Storm Darcy.

According to the woman said Daily newsShe was on her way to work in a supermarket when she saw that the truck was having trouble climbing the hill because its wheels were slipping on the icy road.

Lots of people were trying to push a car up the hill when she noticed Graham’s truck chasing after him. His front wheels were spinning and he was stuck from all the snow. My neighbor came, so I asked her to watch the children and the dog as I pushed him., He said Leslie.

At that moment, he did not hesitate and asked a neighbor to take care of his children so that he could help the truck. After her success in her mission, the woman admitted it “It was too dangerous” What he did. however, Leslie Highlight it Fortunately, Graham’s truck got up the hill safely..

“I will never sit idly by when I see someone in trouble. I wasn’t really thinking about myself, I just wanted it Helps “Said the heroine mother who was at that time with her daughter Rihanna 10 years and Fisher man Fingers.

Recognition of the owner of the family business

For this part, Robert GrahamThe owner of the family company brought effort and Help To a noble woman, after giving her a year of her products for free, she described her gesture as ‘Incredibly cute’.

“When I saw the video of Charlene pushing one of our articulated trucks up a steep hill without her Help Nobody, I didn’t believe it. ”He highlighted the businessman who gave him the gift “Thanks from the heart”.

“I finally got to the top safely. I can’t believe all the attention I get for what I did. I had the pleasure to meet Mr. Graham because I am a huge fan of the family farming brand and its products.Commented LeslieWho noticed that You didn’t do it for “Get something in return”, But it is anyway “Very pleased” With the offer submitted by the owner of the company.

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