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The so-called giant strawberry moon, which brings the full moon closer to the planet and brighter than usual, can be seen in mid-June.

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According to the US space agency, NASA, A giant moon occurs when the satellite’s orbit is as close as possible to the Earth when it is in its full phaseso it appears brighter and larger than the normal full moon.

The term “giant moon,” coined in 1979, is used to describe what astronomers call perigee, It is located at its closest point in orbit around our planet.

Why did he get this name?

The name, as one might think, is not because of the color but its origin in the Algonquian Native Americans of Canada, Who started the strawberry harvest with the arrival of this moon.

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In Europe it is also known as the pink moon, associated with the rose harvest, and also as the hot moon, due to the onset of summer in the northern hemisphere.

When and where do you see a strawberry supermoon?

The full moon phase will occur on June 14th. It will be possible to see him at 5:00 AM and 7:00 PM that day. This means that it can be seen in all its splendor in places with less light pollution.

What are the other paranormal events for this year?

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One month later, exactly on July 13, it will be possible to monitor The second supermoon of the year: that deer. It was so named because farmers discovered that at that time of year the horns of male deer were in full growth.

On August 12, the last supermoon of 2022 will occur; It is known as the giant sturgeon moon, because it is the best time of the year to hunt this species.

With information from El Comercio de Perú (GDA).

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