“Super Science Thursday” for the whole family

Continuing the cycle of talks for PAR Explora O’Higgins’ Open Science program, during Thursday, September 30, there will be three discussions dealing with different topics for the whole family: Neuroscience, Traditional Herbal Medicine and Energy Efficiency.

“We are very pleased to be able to present such a special day to the community, with three talks addressing topics important for all ages, i.e. for the whole family. We will delve into the science of neuroscience, and the reality of renewable energies,” said Rodrigo Verschi, Director of PAR Explora O’Higgins. The ancient culture of herbal medicine.


Biologist and magician, Javier Rodriguez, meets in an audiovisual duel with neuroscientist Eduardo Origo. Both, through a series of magic tricks, will explain scientific phenomena related to neuroscience in a playful way. How does the brain deceive us? How do we perceive reality? , are some of the answers that will be answered in this neuroscience session.

“In this activity, with Eduardo (Orrego), we want to enhance scientific communication and give an interactive and entertaining course to the concepts of brain perception, which tend to be very dogmatic. We want, from an entertainment point of view, to We explain how magic happens in our brain.

The activity called “Neuromagia: The Magic Behind Perception”, organized by PAR Explora and the Moises Mussa School, aims to stimulate knowledge about neuroscience in students and in the rest of the participants. The appointment is this Thursday at 7:30 p.m. via the social networks of PAR Explora and Moises Mussa School.

herbal medicine

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“Traditional Herbal Medicine: Ancestral Knowledge at the Disposal of Health and Science” is the name of the new chapter of the third session of the webinar “University, the Elderly and Health”, implemented by the Institute of Health, School of Social Affairs, UOH Sciences, PAR Explora O’Higgins, Senama and Seremi de Desarrollo Social y Familia.

On this occasion, biochemist and associate professor at O’Higgins University, Dr. Paulina Ormazábal, will speak about the importance of this form of medicine to society, especially the focus on caring for the elderly. The appointment is Thursday, September 30th at 3:00 pm via the social networks of PAR Explora and University of O’Higgins.

Who pays the bill?

The third activity of the day is related to renewable energy. As part of the Greater South Central District work, El Sabor del Saber, “Energy Efficiency: Who Pays the Bill?” will be presented. , which will be attended by Carla Douglas of Metropolitan Energy Seremi, Dr. Carlos Restrepo of the university. Talca, and Dr. Miguel Torres of Ohio University.

The Taste of Knowledge seeks to address scientific issues in an interesting conversation moderated by Dr. Juan Carlos Gassetoa and astronomer Dr. Teresa Baneque. The appointment is this Thursday, September 30, from 6:00 p.m., on the Facebook of PAR EXPLORA O’Higgins.

“In this third chapter we will talk about renewable energy and energy efficiency. How? Should experts bring their experiences into the kitchen, so you can reproduce them at home. See you in the kitchen!” concluded astronomer Dra. Teresa Baneki.

For all science fanatics, the call is to register on the platform https://cienciaabierta.cienciaohiggins.cl/ Receive notification and access talks, discussions and workshops for all year activities. At the end of the course there will be competitions for prizes referring to science education.

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