Summit of the Americas: Gabriel Borek scolded the US but gave him a piece of paper to mark it as a mistake

As part of a thesis at nine top of the americaspresident Chili pepperAnd the Gabriel Borek, yesterday pointed against United State, The host of the meeting, but seconds later had to back off when they handed him a piece of paper stating that he had made a mistake.

What turned out to be an uncomfortable moment for the president and those who represented various countries, including the northern country, happened when Borek made the declaration promoted by Chile in favor of the Czech Republic. ocean protectionwhich has obtained the approval of eight other countries (Canada, Mexico, United States, Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru), as reported yesterday third.

“If we can use our leadership to protect what belongs to all of humanity, because this is not just about our countries, but about all of humanity, then we will contribute decisively and We will be able to say more appropriately to developed countries, such as the United States, that are not here, such as the European Union, such as China and India, that they have a duty to do more to protect our environment” and Unbeknownst to him, Borek said on the show, that the White House representative had two seats to his right, John Kerry.

Borek scolded the US at the top, but he was wrong and had to apologize

“The world needs a united America. We must talk again about the issues that unite us, not just about those that divide us,” closed the Chilean. Seconds later, he received a piece of paper in which the counselor Antonia Origola warned him in a handwritten letter that the United States had a representative at the table.

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Borek was then forced to revise his words amid the annoyance of those present: “Sorry, slight correction on my part. When I mentioned developed countries to push them here, I was thinking of Europe, China and India, I mentioned the United States… The United States is here, with John Kerry. This is also very important to us. Canada and the United States are part of the G7 And I have no doubt that with that leadership we will also be able to push the rest of the developed countries to join this.”

To save the moment, minutes later, Kerry made a winking joke to Borek, who commented in his presentation that he had broached the subject of oceans with the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin TrudeauWhile having a beer at a restaurant in Ottawa.

Thank you very much, Mr. President Borek, to every prime minister and foreign minister. I only have one question: Where’s the beer?.

The Summit of the Americas brings together governments, civil society, and the private sector in the region in Los Angeles. This is the first time since 1994 that the major meeting of the hemisphere has been held on US soil.

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