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More than two and a half years ago, Atresmedia decided to acquire the rights roll, One of the latest phenomena of British television, adapted as lies. It follows the six episodes of the series created by Harry Williams and Jack Williams An average of nearly 9 million viewers for each episode.

Thus, following the strategy line of content diversification and integration of exploit windows, the group decided that its new series It will first arrive on its own streaming platform, ATRESplayer PREMIUMto be released later in prime time on Antena 3.

“Years ago, we knew that change was beginning and we wanted to anticipate it. We got it It’s time for Spanish soap operas to leave the living room screen at home to travel around the world; It is time to find new formulas to lengthen and Extend the economic life of the chain. For all this, the prestige that surrounds our series is very important.” announce Group General Manager, Javier Bardagi, after winning the International Emmys for Best Drama by Stealing money.

in this way, lies I arrived at ATRESplayer PREMIUM in the midst of a pandemic in April 2020. “Interesting proposal arriving at a time when audiences are offering free imagination Atremedia They do not exceed expectations.He is lies The success of the original series?We asked ourselves at BLUPER.

Well, the answer is yes. Which is that Buendía Estudios’ imagination has become an excellent example of how to implement a strategy content diversification To extend the economic life of a chain can be successful.

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At the premiere of ATRESplayer PREMIUM, lies transformed to Very good claim to attract new subscribers in the first months of their lives. In fact, that’s how its managers sold it when they talked about the platform doubling its subscriber count in just two months in the middle of the pandemic.

Ironically, it was the epidemic itself that “helped” the chain to be followed on the platform that led to it Atresmedia won’t find a place to stream it in prime time on Antena 3. Thus it took nearly two years to reach the opening.

I would have done it in January 2022 against nothing more and nothing less than the final flames of The island of strife. To everyone’s surprise, Very well 13.2% share screen and 1734000 viewersversus 16.9% and 2,205,000 viewers of the reality show Telecinco.

Then, week after week, the series confirmed its well-received by averaging 13.3% and 1.6 million viewers, to which we have to add about 200,000 additional delayed viewers. Great data that proves it once again The different operating windows of a chain can be complementary.

But, in addition to that, the series also managed to slip into the top ten of most-watched content on HBO Max in Spain at the time and now, with its jump to Netflix internationally, it’s managed to reach 3rd place worldwide for most viewed non-English language content Its first week has 20.2 million hours, and its eighth week has 10 million hours.

lies It has crept into the top ten countries like Argentina, Bahamas, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Guadeloupe, Guatemala, Jamaica, Martinique, Mexico, Paraguay, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay, Venezuela, Belgium, Croatia, France, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Kenya, Mauritania, Morocco, Reunion, Cyprus, Israel and Lebanon.

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The series follows in my footsteps Another Antena 3 series that hits Netflix internationally Paper House, Toy Boy, Perdida or La Valla. The first two, in addition, were bought by the American platform to extend their life with new seasons.

Picture of the top ten of

Picture of the top ten “Lies” on Netflix.

What do you have “lies”

when lies First shown in April 2020 on ATRESplayer PREMIUM, in BLUPER we expected it to contain all the necessary ingredients Be able to succeed in the open Having already made his original version in the UK, where the second season was green lit.

Theto The series makes you doubt everything and everyone, With an aura of tension thanks to the dramatic construction that really reminds us of the British way of making a novel,” we wrote at the time.

lies It shows well how many victims of this type of abuse the police or justice would believe In the beginning, which brings to mind recent cases such as the case of La Manada or the case of the former contestant in older brother, Charlotte Prado. And here Laura will not stand idly by.”

For the technical department, the ’50 minutes’ format suits him perfectly. A to the point chapter one, without any filler moments, and most importantly, it leaves you wanting to see more”.

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