Subgenres of science fiction, what they are and recommendations

The Science Fiction it’s a literary genre Transferred to film, theatre, television, graphic narrative, and other arts. Its great prosperity in the field of entertainment and its base in Techniquewas present in books And the films In a great way and for your enjoyment, we give you these 4 recommendations for sub-genres to enter this world.

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Science fiction is based on speculation about a future world, and focuses on technological and scientific developments as well as their consequences that affect the environment, society, morals or whatever was known in the past.

The sci-fi subgenres we recommend:

  1. Dystopia: The genre has shown great success in both cinema and literature and even in the world of video games, it is based on political or social and political speculation, almost always with not very encouraging future scenarios. In the cinema, we can recommend the epic “The Hunger Games” which is also an excerpt from the books or the novel “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood.
  2. Ucronía: Ucronía is not a very distinct species, but it is interesting in that it leads us to the assumption of facts, that is, it shows us an alternative world that answers the question “What would happen if?” From this, we recommend the movie “Inglorious Basterds” which wonders what if the Nazis were attacked by Jews?
  3. Cyberpunk: Within this sub-genre it is normal to find more sub-genres, but if we only identify cyberpunk, we will notice the fusion of the representative rebellion of punk, and the mixture of technological impact on society, of this type, you should read the movie Neuromancer by William Gibson or the movie “Alita” Battle Angel
  4. Space science fiction: This can range from the hard genre to the soft science fiction feature, covers topics related to space travel, and uses characters capable of traveling through galaxies or extraterrestrial species. We recommend “The Martian Chronicles” by Ray Bradbury.
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With this guide, you already have an extended invitation to enter the wonderful world of science fiction and enjoy a proposal with valuable cultural and entertainment content.

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