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Canada is one of the most sought after study destinations for Colombians, a country that offers great opportunities not only to get there colleges and universities, but also because It provides the possibility for immigrants who enter the country to study to develop their working lives there later.

In addition, Canada’s unemployment rate of just 5.6 percent makes it an excellent choice for pursuing your career.

Which is that every day new offers are made to enter the country on the way with fewer obstacles, by studying, for this reason to migrate successfully, experts recommend to be well informed, provide all the required documents, comply with the requirements and get professional advice.

How do I go to study in Canada?

In the case of Canada, the type of student and program they are applying to should be considered, if they are going with their family, if they are also looking for a work permit or if it is a technical or higher program, among other aspects.

It is also important to know that the Canadian government will require documentation of your education in your home country with their official translation, and prove that you have the economic ability to remain in the country during your first year of residence and that you have the resources to pay for your course.

In addition, you must provide in the letter the reasons why it is important for the applicant to take the chosen course, explain why he is traveling with his family, if he does so, and all details of why he has chosen this country to do it. his studies.

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Although it will depend on the type of visa and study program, in most cases Canada requires the following requirements:

Registration in an accredited educational institution.

A verifiable justification of the economic solvency of your living expenses during the first year of your stay in the country. Around You must obtain a visa of 900 Canadian dollars per month for the first year of residence, which is about 3,100,000 COP.

A letter from the institution in which you will enroll for the course, confirming registration.

Three (3) recent personal photos.

Payment of administrative fees. It is currently worth 150 Canadian dollars ($520,000 pesos).

Despite the fact that not everyone can have all these documents, it is also true Settling in this country legally is easier than in other countries such as the United States and Europe. Which is that there is a very wide range of offers and scholarships offered by Canadian institutions, as well as the allure that gives the possibility of working part-time while studying legally. This becomes a valuable opportunity for hundreds of Colombian youth, professionals or families.

Do you want to know more?

If you are interested in getting more information and career advice, the Canada immigration and settlement platform, Edooconnect, will be holding “Connecting Canada” on October 21 and 22, an online event where information is shared on the different ways to arrive and settle in Canada; Whether it is study, company or work.

This event is supported by the Canadian Embassy in Colombia, which will be present at the talks with the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Canada, Columbia NewsOn, Canada’s largest educational institution and experts in the field of business and entrepreneurship. In addition, scholarship options will be announced to be able to immigrate to the North American country for studies. You can register on the website:

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