Students denounced irregularities in the medical entrance exam

Mar 11 2022-12: 03
They stated that there were points in the entrance exam that were not dictated and that none of the 750 applicants could pass.

Medical students staged a protest today at the gates of the United Nations University, denouncing irregularities in entrance exams for the medical profession, and by means of posters and drums they made their demands heard.

“We march against the excesses presented in the course and assessment for admission to medicine,” and made clear that there were points in recent exams that were not dictated. The image of the claims was sent through El Tribuno WhatsApp, and the students also expressed that out of the 6000 students who answered the questionnaire, only 750 were left to take the partial and not from that total. “We want to study, we don’t want injustice.”

About 6000 students have registered to study medicine at the National University of Salta (UNSa) this year. It is the most chosen profession, although only 3,700 students take classes.

In principle, only 4,800 students completed all the default procedures for pre-registration, which closed on December 26, 2021. Classes began in February.
Over this past month, students have noticed a series of inconveniences when registering. At the end of February, students said there had been extensive pre-registration and then a large-scale purge. They said that within four weeks they had to give eight seminars and that there were “bugs” in the virtual platform that prevented them from responding.

They confirmed that they claimed and even spoke with an authority. From the university they indicated that many applicants made a mistake in the initial process, but that they would be allowed to complete it. After excluding a large portion of pre-registrants, UNSa extended pre-registration for a second time until March 6.

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