Stubborn on Russian vaccines

Emilio Matta Saravia
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President Alejandro Giamatti’s absurd obstinacy with the Russian vaccine can only be seen from the prism of the hidden economic interests that the president and his most intimate circle may have with that country. At least one Federal Investigation Commission (FECI) investigation pointed to this trend, before the attorney general “closed” it.

In any other business (without a fly between them), the malicious contract in which the supplier was flagrantly violated could have been canceled, and the money already paid would have been demanded, as well as the dismissal without mediation of those who participated in such a “wonderful” deal. However, instead of From its abolition, a “renegotiation” was made, halving the amount of vaccines (which were already paid for), but also changing the vaccine to be delivered from Sputnik V to Sputnik “Light.” It is also assumed that there will be a schedule For delivery and that it was already “organised”, according to the president’s statements. Of course, no details of the new contract or schedule under confidentiality agreements have emerged.

The bravado and cynicism of Giamatti is such that in an interview he gave on a local channel, he declared that the pharmaceutical companies Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer are making a “demand there” that they (the government) cannot fulfill and that they are digging for “sovereignty.” of the country.” Therefore, according to the president, the sovereignty of countries in which the Pfizer vaccine was given, such as the United States, Canada and most countries of Western Europe, was undermined by the pharmaceutical company. He would have seen such stupidity. And above all, the Minister of Health reported yesterday that negotiations Vaccine purchases from pharmaceutical companies Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer are up 70%. Exactly the same words the president said threaten the country’s sovereignty.

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Shipments of Russian vaccines, according to Giamatti, are already being regulated, although until yesterday only 960 thousand doses were delivered out of the 8 million already paid, i.e. 12%. He offered to reach 200,000 this week, meaning that what was delivered would rise to only 14.5%. That is, in order to fulfill the offer that they will complete the 8 million doses already paid before the end of this year, they will have to enter the country about 1.4 million monthly doses, presumably from “light”, according to Transparency. A stupid renegotiation. Above all, his communications are so erratic that after criticizing the COVAX mechanism for non-compliance in deliveries, he boasts of his “good relations with the world” by declaring that the shipment will come from exactly said mechanism.

Now that the way has been cleared, without tests or investigations thanks to the tireless work of her “boyfriend”, and with enough vaccines, about 70% of donations from friendly countries, she will surely direct all her efforts to finish all her business. Hanging with their new “partners”.

The contempt for the lives of others is evident, especially those who died of COVID-19 due to the lack of vaccines in the country due to the negligence and stubbornness of those who stand up for themselves as the leader of the Pro Life movement. What an irony!

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