Strong explosion in a nightclub in Azerbaijan

One person was killed and 37 wounded. at Explosion Recorded Sunday morning in a nightclub in Baku capital Azerbaijana country located in the Caucasus region.

Firefighters and security forces work at the driveAnadolu Agency – Getty Images

The explosion occurred at 23 GMT on Saturday (i.e. at 19 Argentine time) at a dance place located on Tarlan Aliyarbeyov Street in Baku and It was caused by a gas leak. According to the first information provided by the Azerbaijani company Azerigas.

“One person died – Maya Agundova, a 43-year-old employee of this institution -” Noted the Prosecutor’s Office of that country, citing the Russian public press agency RIA Novosti. “37 people were injured, four of them seriously,” they added.

According to medical sources, quoted by the agency, among the injured are an Italian and a Senegalese.

In addition, those in the building echoed what happened and circulated several videos of the moment after the explosion on social media. In one of them you can see calls Inside the disco is blazing, while people are trying to get out. There are other people there Crying in despair and even some lying in the street, injured. These pictures also appear destroyed cars On the outskirts of the building due to the impact of the explosion.

Meanwhile, there is another later recording, in which the firefighters work in the bowling alley when the perimeter fence is already finished. In this video, which shows a moment when the situation was already under control, he confirms that the building was completely damaged by the explosion, with windows broken and destruction Inside.

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