Streaming has failed at its best: Disney+ will also remove some of its content

The platform joins Netflix and HBO Max in mopping up their extensive catalog of movies and series.

Months after Warner Bros. began. Discovery is pulling titles from HBO Max as a cost-saving measure. Disney announced that it would follow suit. Just as Netflix did recently, Prime Video is still in a tailspin at the moment.

It was Disney CFO Christine McCarthy who confirmed the news during a quarterly call with investors:

We will remove certain content from our streaming platforms in the coming months in the process of reviewing the content of our services to align with strategic changes in our content curation approach.

The content that will be removed has not been disclosed, but this news is coming Accompanied by the integration of Hulu and Disney + apps in the US. Remember that in Spain all content released on Hulu, which is affiliated with Disney, is released in the Star section of Disney +, so it is not surprising that they do the same in the United States.

Another reason for this content purge is that they expect to devalue from $1.5 billion to $1.8 billion sometime in the third quarter of this year 2023. In addition to simply removing some content, McCarthy added that in the future “We intend to produce less content in line with this strategic shift.”

Follow the purge on HBO Max: 40 more titles will be removed from its catalog due to its merger with Discovery+

And it is that while the content that Disney+ was able to attract attention in the beginning, it clearly had a downside in terms of releasing new content and not attracting new subscribers at all. This is how Disney CEO Bob Iger explained:

As we’ve grown the business in terms of global presence, we’ve realized that we’re creating a lot of content that doesn’t necessarily lead to sub-growth. And we do a lot of surgery around what we do

Not only did Netflix do a great content purge, they just dumped one of its first original series, Hemlock Grove, the horror series starring Bill Skarsgård in which he played a mysterious creature that threatened the town of Hemlock Grove.

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