stratified and harmful? Snow White and Cinderella are accused of the attack

The James Bond books and Roald Dahl’s children’s stories had to be rewritten already for reasons similar to those indicated on this occasion.

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Ladybug booka publisher specializing in children’s literature, part of the Penguin Group in the UK, has employed a group of “sensitive readers”, who are responsible for determining whether representation of any demographic is appropriate or could be offensive within a work of literature to evaluate particular texts.

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snow white And Cinderella Are part of the works analyzed and according to “sensitive readers” these stories problem in the speech. Inclusion experts and publications highlight seven elements detrimental to new generations: love at first sight, beauty, pronouns, social class, ageing, diversity, and the role of women.

As revealed by the media The telegraphSensitive readers found these two short stories Preference for beauty over personality traits, while omitting the importance of knowing people beyond their physical attractiveness. In addition, they maintain that the characters they appear to be beautiful are usually white, blonde and blue-eyed separates ethnic diversity.

Likewise, it is claimed that all love relationships in these classics of children’s literature are heterosexual and that the pronoun or gender of the characters is always assumed, which is problematic for this group created to analyze works because they do not represent other sexual orientations and gender identities.

In the article published by the British media, it is also reported that these readers look anxiously at the focus of the work if the protagonist “the prince” or one “princess”because they emphasized that this indicates that the important thing about these personalities is their social rank.

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Another component referred to as problematic is aging, as the good characters are often “young and attractive, while the bad guys are portrayed as witches, old and wrinkled”. Reference is also made to “the princesses’ dependence on their princes”, because sensitive readers suggest that heroines have more independence and not appear as though their happiness and security depend on male characters.

Are they sensitive readers?

Currently, there are many writers and publishers who resort to this number to avoid being charged Sexist, misogynistic, homophobic, racist And any other kind of discriminatory or aggressive actions towards any segment of the population.

Many deplore sensitive readership as a new form of censorship.

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His wide reception sparked controversy among writers and other actors in the literary circle, because there are many who legitimize the existence of these specialists and the need for them, there are others who reject him.

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According to the French newspaper Charlie AbdoMany authors feel strong political and social pressure Freedom to write it is prohibitedSo some suggest that these advisors are a new form of oversight.

in it condition Published by French Medium Reads Alexander Maxickan American novelist, comments: “Not long ago in the United States, it was the far right that abused works of art, calling for the burning of banned paintings or novels in which pornography had been discovered. Today it is better on the leftwhere we find Already raised scandal adherents of censorshipAmong them, unfortunately, are writers, publishers, painters or curators of museums.

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Many proponents of Sensitive Readers’ Role claim that this is not censorship. american writer, Marjorie Engal wrote in one opinion column for the magazine Table that – that, Trying to make children’s books more original and less stereotyped is not censorship.. In addition, he adds, sensitive readers are representatives of an often marginalized group that tries to ensure that the group’s representation is correct.

However, the author David Reeve Post on your own Blog, in an entry dedicated to the topic Yes or Yes, these readers inhibit and limit the creative process. He writes: “Although it does not tell the authors what they should write about or what character they should portray in the novel, it does tell them how they should do it.”

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