Strategy and survival in the new The Walking Dead, coming to mobile this summer

The Walking Dead: Survivors has started pre-registration and will feature characters from the comic.

the walking Dead He has triumphed in comedy and television, but he also has a long career in video games, with more memorable feats, such as Saga de Telltale, Especially. Now, it loads a new survival game based on AMC production. We are talking about The Walking Dead: The Survivors, Which was just announced for mobile devices iOS and Android Its goal is to create a shelter within a city to defend against other players willing to steal our resources, especially from hordes of infantry.

The game features an extension Official license, So we’ll see well-known personalities. Everyone has his own capabilities and characteristics that we will have to use correctly, both on the combat side and in the development of facilities. As their names indicate, the first must Face the enemies in battles The second: improving all aspects of the shelter and the city to ensure protection.

Strategy and survival in the new The Walking Dead, coming to mobile this summer

The game will combine action and strategy to deal with pedestrians and thievesSurvivors come from comics and this title closely resembles them, including regular characters like Rick, Maya, Vine, Glenn, Dwight and many more. Players will be tasked with building their best cities and armies by assigning missions, building strategic combat plans, and expanding their bases by exploring new territories. it’s a game Strategy and survival Where you have to take into account the next step to take and develop the skills of the characters in order to be able to recount it another day.

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The action of this adventure will come from the combat. There will be three different methods: Melee, snipers and cavalry. Each class can be increased to a maximum of 10 levels, becoming more powerful in battle as it grows. We can train survivors who are experts in these conflicts and gain an extra point in each of the massive skirmishes it promises.

The Walking Dead: The Survivors Already Empowered Pre-registration process For iOS in the US and UK, and for Android in North America. It will be launched in Summer 2021, Without a more specific date. Meanwhile, you can review a file The best games based on The Walking Dead.

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