Stranger Things reveals details of its final season on Netflix


After the premiere of its new season, fans have been waiting for news about the expected ending to the story of El and his Hawkings friends, and now the first details of the new season are being revealed.

© NetflixStranger Things reveals details of its final season!

went to Mid 2022 that Season 4 premiered to Weird things any It arrives to Netflix platform after Almost 4 years from Premiere of the second season in 2019with the Season 5 since confirmed time We already have First details affiliate End of the series.

There is already a date for the start of filming

We already have First details for Stranger Things 5 which is that successful production to Netflix Immediately Start recordings affiliate new season.

in Modern conventionAnd David Harborfrom Jim Hopper plays In the Series has been created to dover brothers, revealed that Season 5 he Recording will begin in next June.

“we Entering the fifth season. I own Two additional months of training. However, we started movie in june, This will be it Last seasonHarbor said. “I trained a lot for the fourth season. Hopper was in a very specific situation, that Russian prison. It was about making him a different man and layering on him physically, mentally, and emotionally. but now He’s back in townwho is he Return to the United Stateswhere they have it Cheese burgerSo you will be well fed.

the actor He did not provide more details. on String plot And you still know Release date unknown From this, however, is expected Come to the Netflix platform at some point of 2024.

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news The beginning of photography It arrives after few days From what Netflix will inform This along with Show creators will produce a called workStranger Things: First Shadow“, a Prequel series sit here 1959 Hawkinswho falls Less than 25 years old before events that occur in the series.

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