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Their first comment Manon Ryum When they found out he was playing ice hockey, it was like he didn’t look like an ice hockey player, and I replied: “What does an ice hockey player look like?With five years, junior Manon He put on some blade shoes when he saw his brother skating holding a stick (stick) guiding a puck (disc), items necessary to play ice hockey. His father PierreSince there is no children’s team in their town, Lake BeaufortAnd QuebecIt was used to organize parties with other children. Every year I direct her to pre-season training with the boys and every year Manon I had to listen to the comments other parents made about having a girl on the team: “I don’t want a girl to kill my sonThe coaches were taken away by comments and asked to Pierre Riom to stop driving Manon.

The newly created NHL team made an impact in the media by adding Rhéaum to their squad as a goalkeeper.

Photo: Tampa Bay Lightning / Courtesy Manon Ryum

They did not give up. Manon He continued training with the support of his father until, in November 1991, a call came from the junior team of the “major” league: a goalkeeper. three rivers He was injured and they needed someone to score. Three goals in 17 minutes is not a good start but Manon He has already taken the most important step in his life. At the age of 20, she was the first woman to play only in the junior league, and she has shown that girls know how to play too. A scout who witnessed the match sent a video of his performance Phil Esposito, responsible for the formation of the ice hockey team Florida, The Tampa Bay Lightning which first appeared in 1992 in NHLMen’s Professional Hockey League United State.

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Game Ryum But he did not know that there was a woman under the helmet and protection. Esposito I needed publicity to attract viewers in a state with palm trees and beaches and what better way than to include a woman in the men’s team. Ryum He was aware of the play and wanted to take advantage of the opportunity. Join .’s “Training Camps” Lightning He managed to astonish everyone by stopping all the “pucks” fired at him. They presented her to the press, concluded her a contract, and on September 23, 1992, Manon Ryum She became the first and to date only woman to play ice hockey in the men’s professional league.

Her NHL debut was one term and she saved nine shots but put women's ice hockey on target for the athletic zones.

Her NHL debut was one term and she saved nine shots but put women’s ice hockey on target for the athletic zones.

Photo: Tampa Bay Lightning / Courtesy Manon Ryum

The match was pre-season but this way the ice hockey crowd was informed that women could compete as well. He still remembered how his heart was beating. So much so that it seemed that he had to break out of protection. He played a period, saved nine shots, conceded two goals and went to the bench with a score of 2-2. Nothing bad. Soon the news of his debut spread and she did not wait for advertising offers. Even men’s magazineplay boyHe offered her to stand naked and she replied in the negative. Interviewees on “Night Shows” were more interested in her beauty or sports journalists asking if she had broken her nails, were other consequences of a male sport who accepted her with integrity.

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Her bravery propelled the Women’s Ice Hockey League. He played for seven different teams between 1992 and 1997 until he retired. He was summoned by his country and participated by choice Canada In the Nagano Olympics 1998 where women’s ice hockey debuted at the Games and hung the silver medal. She founded an organization that helps girls achieve their sporting dreams, namely Manon Riom Foundation And the documentarybetween tubes“, written by Angie Polaro and output Maggie Greenwald. Ryum It was clear thatWhen they tell you you can’t… break the rules

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