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This is not the first strategic alliance that we can rely on here, because in recent months there has been a lot that we have been able to learn from large car manufacturers along with important companies specialized in the manufacture of electric car batteries. This new cooperation will be between Stilants And the LG Energy Solutions (LGES) through a new joint venture that will begin its production trajectory over Canada.

Despite multiple criticisms from the CEO of electric mobility company Stellantis, the auto group chief recognizes that he needs to ramp up his component manufacturing network for the next wave of electric vehicles. In fact, Stellantis is one of the companies with the most zero-emissions cars in the catalog of different brands. The car group already owns several battery factories licensed for several European countries such as France, Italy or Germany; Spain, for its part, still has to wait, although the door to such a possibility has not been closed.

This joint venture launched between Stellantis and LGES will be of great interest to both companies, as it will solve the problem of supplying these components in North America. This new, large-capacity plant will provide batteries for electric vehicles marketed in the United States and Canada.

Your exact location It will be in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. More than $4.1 billion (5 billion Canadian dollars) will be invested in this new plant. The start date of its construction dates back to the middle of 2023, while, according to plans, the production phase will begin during the first quarter of 2024.

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Its production capacity will be remarkably generous since then Its annual production is expected to reach more than 45 gigawatt-hours. This print edition will give Stellantis the coverage needed over the next few years to manufacture electric vehicles marketed in North America, however, both companies know that there will come a time This capacity should be increased in parallel with the increased demand for electric vehicles in this region.

Once the plant is fully operational, it is expected to provide jobs for more than 2,500 people directly around the Canadian city of Windsor. Today, the governments that make up the municipal, provincial and federal network of the North American country offer their full support to both companies in order to further the implementation of this joint project.

Ontario currently stands out as Canada’s largest automobile manufacturing environment; In addition, Stellantis and LGES expect to significantly increase the importance of the environment by integrating their new plant. From the Government of Canada, they committed to co-creating the entire ecosystem to drive battery manufacturing, particularly due to the region’s leadership in electricity generation through renewable sources.

Stellantis plans to reach a 50% sales share of electric vehicles in the US and Canada by the end of this decade, while In Europe it expects to do the same with a total proportion of 100% of its passenger cars for the same period. For its part, LG Energy Solutions, after signing this cooperation agreement, will be able to count on a production capacity of more than 200 GWh per year in the North American region, that is, enough battery production to supply more than 2.5 million electricians. vehicles.

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