Steam will prevent trophies or scores from appearing in game images, and for good reason

Valve considers players to have a “blurred experience” when viewing title images.

Definitely when you open steamOn many occasions, I’ve seen in games pictures They won each other prize Or even they received it grades Featured in some media. Who is this 1st of September won’t happen again, Last post on Steam.

Valve notes: “We noticed this recently Game developers are including more scriptsaward logos and even review results on graphic asset images. We have seen items added to graphic resources that are Create an inconspicuous experience And even mislead customers sometimes.

Our guidelines weren’t as clear as they should bevalveSteam admitted it publicly They didn’t have guidelines ‘that clear They should be.” Therefore, from now on they will not be shown in Steam game images No media ratings, no prize slogans, no discounts, and no untranslated texts. These are generally in English, which isolates most users. Instead, it will allow the addition of the single title or subtitle for developers to promote their games.

The company led by Gabe Newell expresses the presence of a dedicated section In the Steam store to the achievements of the games. Share Valve Award Documents In the store too Full organization of drawing resources. It’s normal for Steam to update its rules over time. Moreover, he already made it clear last year Rejected games with NFT.

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