Steam wants to scare you this Halloween and announces tons of free trials and exclusive discounts

steam A hole has occurred inside the computer the games Such as Preferred platform From Lots of community. We are not just talking about a meeting point for players with the possibility filler games, participate in forums or take advantage of discounts, even a “live” place with events to keep players active. The last of them, which was announced today, is Fear Festival from Steam.

As its name suggests, and that is that Valve does not play absence, the event is a showcase, in essence, of any game that matches Halloween and horror. No matter what mode, shape, theme or genres are added, every self-respecting horror game will be the protagonist of October 25 in 7:00 pm. (Spanish Peninsula Time).

This event will end a week later, on November 1 at the same time, and players will be able to take advantage of not only great discounts, but a great deal of Give. In fact, this is what stands out the most from Valve’s recent events, the sheer number of games to try completely free and save them to our wish list.

As for the games that can be included in the event, Valve does not place any restrictions on publishers and creators, so almost anyone From those addresses you see, it may appear. Also, as expected, Valve will retain special place On the Homepage From the platform in terms of access to this huge list.

Beyond that, the US company plans to several Events in the game within the selected games. At the moment, we don’t know what kind of benefits or rewards we will get, but depending on official announcement The selection period has already begun to see which games have become part of this collection.

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